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Building Wooden Garages: Design & Construction Tips For Every Builder
Wooden garages offer many benefits for homeowners. In addition to being very attractive, they are well-insulated and soundproof. This is all thanks to the unique structure of wood. Its concave cells work better at absorbing heat, cool air and sound. Perhaps that is why wooden garages remain a popular choice for those interested in private workshops. However, there is a caveat to all of this. If your home does not already contain a wooden garage, you must find a way to build one.

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Now before you can start building, you must think about your garage’s design. How you go about doing this depends on your actual building methods. For example, if you purchase a modular garage, the design will already be established (as the garage is pretty much built for you). The same is also true with garage kits if you stick with their original construction. If you do otherwise, either by adding an element or cutting one of the pieces, you will need to create a blueprint. And of course, blueprints are inevitable when you are building wooden garages from scratch.

In any case, if you want a professional, quick start design, you can always buy a blueprint from the Internet. The most common ones utilize one of the following styles:

1) Standalone, with no connection to main building
2) Built-in with roof attachment
3) A separate add-on with no roof attachment
4) Underground garages
5) Standalones that are designed more like barns

In the DIY world, standalones and add-ons with no roof attachments are the easiest to work with. The other more complex designs might require the use of a subcontractor. Either way, know that all of these designs can be customized if given to the right person. If your main provider is not willing to customize a blueprint, work with someone else who will. In some cases even garage kit manufacturers might be willing to work with you. Simply give them the design, and they will pre-cut your materials. You will have to pay extra for the privilege, but when the materials come to you, they will be designed according to your specifications.

Anyway, once you have chosen you design, you need to think about the actual construction process. This begins by researching the laws of your jurisdiction. Since garages are considered new structures, you may have to get a permit before you can build one on your property. Note that the legislation may be more lenient when you buy modular garages or garage kits.

After the legal concerns are taken care of, you need to think about your materials. The wood is obviously the most important. It should be pressure treated and of the highest quality. Also, if paint is a concern, make sure your wood has the capacity to hold a basic finish. You do not want your paint to come off after a couple of rainy days.

For the construction itself, make sure you lay the foundation right… even if you need to hire a subcontractor. If your foundation is not properly established, you will encounter drainage problems. Everything else should be standard for a DIY person, though if you are building your walls from scratch, set up their framing BEFORE you hoist them. Garage kit manufacturers use this type of approach, and it works. By building your frame first, you lesson your likelihood of human error.

You now have a basic understanding of how to design and construct wooden garages. Use this knowledge to your advantage when attempting your garage project.

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