Why I Like Concrete Epoxy Coatings In The Garage

To be quite honest with you, the first time I heard about using an epoxy coating on a garage floor I thought it was the most ridiculous thing I had ever heard of. I mean, the only time I had ever seen anything painted on a floor was in a cheap bar and I think they painted the floor to match the color of the spilled beer. Anyway, for a few years I really didn’t think much of the idea at all.
It’s funny that I felt this way because ugly oil stains have always bugged me. In fact, I once time stopped looking at a house to rent because I walked into the garage and saw a big black ugly stain in the middle of the garage. There really wasn’t much of anything else wrong with the house but I decided I did not want to live there. It just really looked like the people didn’t care for the property.
I kept hearing about using a concrete epoxy coating in order to protect from stains on some of the Do It Yourself TV shows and so I thought I would look into the matter. At first I thought it seemed like a lot of work when you could just power wash the stain away but then I realized how easy it would be to clean the floor the next time and the next and the next. And really, as far as the project itself goes, it really isn’t all that hard to accomplish. You just have to start by getting the floor absolutely clean. This can be done with a degreaser and a little elbow grease. Then use a power washer to rinse all the stain away. This really isn’t that difficult. Next you really need to etch the concrete to make sure the floor epoxy will stick for years to come. You don’t want to go to all that trouble and then have the stuff peel up next summer. Be careful with the etching though because it usually is a weak hydrochloric acid and it can burn you, your pets, and your plants. Be sure to read all the instructions and wear safety goggles. If this stuff splashes in your eyes it can really hurt.
Once the floor is all prepped then you just need to let is dry completely. Your best bet is to let it sit overnight with a space heater running. The next day you are ready to go as long as the temperature is not too hot or too cold. Be sure to check out what the instructions say about the temperature band to work in.
When you get ready to apply the concrete epoxy coating don’t mix the whole batch up at once. It will probably start setting up before you can roll it out. Just mix up small amounts that you will have plenty of time to work with. Always mix the hardener into the resin and not the other way around. This gives you a real good mix. Use a ½” nap roller to roll it out. Wrap the roller in blue paint tape first and then pull the tape off to get rid of any “fuzz” that might show up in the coating. After a section is rolled out and before it skins over spread out the anti slip material that comes with the coating. You will be glad you did once the floor gets wet.

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7 Comments for “Why I Like Concrete Epoxy Coatings In The Garage”

  1. Concrete epoxy coating is the most durable and longest lasting.

  2. After applying the epoxy coating, can an additional clear coat be applied? If so, what products do you recommend?

  3. Hi John,
    Yes you can apply a clear coat over your two part epoxy floor coating. This is very common. This added layer gives you more protection and strength and it also allows for adding an anti-skid medium.
    You can check out Rustoleum clear coat here.

  4. Great info, John.

    My issue is…………car tires pulling up the paint. I did the 2 part many years ago and it still peeled up from the tires.

    What is the magic product that auto dealers use? They have zillions of cars in and out all day and they don’t have peeling floor paint.

    Oddly, I spilled some clear poly onto the floor by my bench and it appears to be bullet proof. Maybe that is what I should use?

  5. Hi Jeff, Most of the time I have found that there are two causes for hot tire lift. Either there was a problem with the cleaning and etching of the concrete surface or there was a problem in the mixing of the epoxy resin and the hardener. As far as a top coat goes, that is a very good way to give more protection to the floor.

  6. How much of the prior paint that was on the garage floor needs to be removed? Somone had painted our garage floor with a couple of coats and we are in the process of removing it, not an easy task using a sander and chemical stripper. Thoughts?

  7. Hi Sharon,
    As long as the paint is not loose at all you can just roughen it up and then apply the new coating over it. Any loose and peeling paint needs to be removed though or you will not have very good results.

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