What You Need To Know About Driveway Security Systems To Keep Your Home Safe

Driveway Security Systems

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Security should be one of the foremost concerns in every home. In our current world, there are so many threats to our safety. There are all sorts of bad elements that imperil our families and our properties. Keeping a watchful eye in every part of our house day in and day out has never been more important than it is now. A driveway security system can help you by providing a first line of defense against unwanted visitors.

The driveway serves as the pathway leading to your home and it is that part of the property which welcomes every guest (whether invited or not). It is what you first see when driving home after a tiring day at work. Since the driveway serves as the path to the entrance to your home, it is also where invaders may possibly take their first steps to attack your humble abode.

It is of the utmost importance, therefore, to set up your home’s first line of defence at your driveway. You can achieve this by setting up a driveway security system in your home. In simplest terms, driveway security systems are special types of detectors that let you detect any form of movement: such as vehicles pulling into your driveway.

Types Of Driveway Security Systems

Driveway security systems generally have very simple designs. They have two main components: the transmitter and the receiver. The transmitter interprets certain signals captured by the motion detecting mechanism. It then sends these pieces of information to the receiver. The receiver, for its part, alerts the home owner of the motion detected in the driveway. Different systems use various types of driveway security alarm, ranging from a loud siren to the most discreet text message or other quiet alert in the home.

To provide utmost security to your driveway, you must install driveway security sensors at the entrance to your property. This gives you time to react and prepare if there is an intruder. These devices will monitor any kind of movement or you can set them to only detect larger objects such as a car. But for the best protection you should be able to determine if a man on foot is approaching your home so be sure whatever unit you purchase will be sensitive enough to do this.

The most common sensors used for home security are wireless. Most homeowners use these as part of their wireless driveway security system to protect their house from intruders since these are less expensive to install and maintain. Wireless driveway sensors are also popular for their versatility and ability to be moved around when the need arises.

This type of driveway security sensor, however, can be very unreliable during inclement weather conditions such as hurricanes or heavy snow, because their signals tend to be interrupted. To avoid this problem, you can opt to install wired driveway sensors. These are perfect for larger driveways, and for those with materials that will dampen wireless signals. Although wired sensors are more expensive and more difficult to set up, they are definitely more reliable than their wireless counterparts.

Driveway security sensors are further classified based on what they detect. More basic security devices generally use motion sensors. As the name suggests, they detect any form of movement using laser or infrared beams. Once the line of the beam is broken by an object, the transmitter sends the information to a remote receiver, which in turn sets off the driveway alarm.

Driveway Motion Sensors

Since motion sensors can detect all kinds of movement, it is preferred by most homeowners. Their advantage, however, can also serve as their disadvantage, since they are not capable of differentiating between objects. A false alarm can be set off even by a dog or a kid who accidentally passes by your driveway. A magnetic driveway sensor can solve this problem. This sensor only detects huge quantities of metal and is designed to monitor only cars and other forms of vehicles. It is very ideal for those who want to be alerted only when someone is parking or pulling into your driveway.

Of course, driveway security systems will not be complete without a driveway alarm. It acts as the first red flag that alerts you and may be the key to preventing a potential break-in or robbery. There are also many types of alarms that you can choose from. You may opt for a soft chime or a thunderous siren. You may even record your own voice as a warning. If you want alarms to catch your attention more, you may also add strobe lights to them. Almost all kinds of driveway alarm available in the market today can be easily hooked up to your home alarm system too. If you want to take your driveway security system a step further, you can also buy a phone dialler which automatically inputs a telephone number for a monitoring system in case of an intrusion. This way you can be alerted on your phone if you are away from home and somebody shows up. Combining this with a web based camera means you can log on and see what is happening even if you are thousands of miles away.

If you want an actual physical barrier to be part of your driveway security system, then you can choose from a wide variety of driveway security gates. As with all gates, these structures set your driveway aside as a private road. Most modern properties are secured by automatic gates, which are more convenient to use compared to those with physical locks and keys.

Most contemporary households also use electromechanical driveway security gates as part of their security systems. Essentially, these are gates that use electricity for them to work. They can be easily integrated into your house’s main power source for better functionality. Some electromechanical gates even come with solar panels to ensure that they will function even during power outages.

You also have the option whether to have a single gate or double gates in your driveway security systems, depending on the size of your property. Average urban homes can settle with regular single gates. Double gates, however, are needed for larger properties, especially those in areas where there is high traffic. Of course, you also have to consider your budget in making these choices.

You can avoid being a victim of crimes against properties. All you have to do is to take extra caution and bolster your perimeter security. Install a good driveway security system today.

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