Trafficmaster Allure Flooring

If you are looking for an imitation wood flooring product to install in your home then this product found in the Home Depot flooring department is well worth looking at. It is not perfect, but many people have received great results by applying it in every room in their home.
Allure flooring is a vinyl product that is installed as a floating floor system. This means it is not actually glued down to the floor surface underneath. It can easily be applied over most any existing floor product as long as the surface is sound and smooth. If there are any divots, seams, or bumps then these will need to be leveled out as they will transfer through the flooring and show up as time goes by. The product is a heavy duty vinyl but it still is thin enough that it will not cover up any imperfections.
If you have holes or seams in the existing surface then you can use a filling compound in these and then smooth it out so that you don’t feel any ridges. If you have high spots these will need to be sanded down. You can obtain the Trafficmaster Allure vinyl plank flooring in many different faux hardwood finishes including cherry, oak, and hickory as well as a tile finish. Installation on a good floor surface is really quite simple. The flooring comes in strips that have adhesive applied to the edges. You just peel and stick the planks together. Once they are attached they are very hard to remove from each other so it is important that you take your time to be sure each piece is positioned correctly before sticking it to the next. The only time consumer part of the installation is the cutting and fitting of the pieces if you have an odd shaped room or a lot of fixtures like in a bathroom or kitchen.
Speaking of the bathroom and kitchen, the allure hardwood flooring is water proof and since the edges are glued together there does not seem to be an issue with areas where water is present. Another potential issue that doesn’t really seem to be a problem is pet accidents as the mess will not seep through the flooring and is easy to wipe up. Many people say that they get a long life in kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and bedrooms. If you are going to be applying it over a concrete slab such as in the basement then be sure to check for potential moisture problems from underneath. The best way to do this is to tape a 6’ by 6’ clear plastic sheet onto the concrete floor. Tape around all edges in order to seal in any moisture. Let is sit for a week and see if any water droplets form. If they do then you will need to seal the floor before laying down the vinyl floor by using a concrete sealing paint. If you don’t seal the concrete you may end up with mildew between the flooring and the concrete slab. Also this product is not recommended in a garage that is being used for parking the car. It will not stand up to that abuse.
As long as you take care to not drag heavy, sharp objects across the floor the finish stays nice. It can be scratched though if you drop a sharp or heavy object or something gets pulled across the floor.
The other potential problem is gassing of the vinyl for people who may be allergic or particularly susceptible. Some people claim that they feel nauseated or develop headaches. This is by no means a large group of people who have installed this faux hardwood flooring but it has been noted. You may want to purchase a box of the Home Depot Flooring and lay it out in the room for a day or two to see if you have any problems. As I said, this is not a common complaint but it has occurred and is something to be aware of.
If you are looking for an inexpensive way to get a hardwood looking floor then Allure flooring could very well be worth your investment.

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