Tips For Using Decorative Concrete In The Home

Homeowners no longer have to wish longingly for the ability to afford a natural stone floor in their home’s entrance way. Today every homeowner has the ability to create the look of a stone, brick, tile or wood surface at any location in a private residence. He or she enjoys the opportunity to learn about and use one of the various types of decorative concrete.

Once used primarily in public buildings, the beauty of artistically treated natural concrete can now be called on to increase the value of any family’s home. While it makes a driveway more appealing and transforms the look of a garage, it also performs an important function in other parts of the home. It adds to the eye appeal of patios, fireplaces, indoor flooring and even counter tops.

A floor made of stamped concrete appears to possess multiple pieces of slate or brick. In public buildings, a stamped floor often contains some sort of logo. Scoring patterns can also be used to enhance the beauty of such durable yet attractive flooring.
The application of an acid stain can transform a plain cement surface. The stain enters the pores in the cement and reacts with the chemicals in that same solid. That reaction causes the treated surface to develop a transparent color. It thus displays a mottled look, much like the one that has become associated with natural marble.

Still, acid staining can not be used where a cement slab has become dotted with cosmetic defects. In such situations, it is better to give thought to employing one of the acrylic stains. Like acid, the thin acrylic can penetrate the many pores. However, unlike an acid, it then causes formation of semi-transparent coloring.

The acrylic liquid really acts more like a dye than a stain. It gives the cement a uniform look. It will never peel or flake. Therefore, a single application can provide a treated area with lasting beauty. Still, acid and acrylic stains represent but a small section of the diverse approaches taken by homeowners who choose to decorate a cemented area of their dwelling, or of the property that surrounds it.

Some of those artistically minded individuals have chosen to use polish on a once drab section of concrete. Others have arranged for the placement of stencils on a similar surface. Yet a third group contains those who have elected to enhance the beauty of a cemented area by introducing one or more overlays.

A fourth approach should not go unmentioned. That approach involves the utilization of glass aggregates. Those aggregates are mixed into the mix that is used to produce concrete’s distinctive look. Introduced to Americans by Jean-Baptiste Louis Bourgeois, this last technique can employ an exposure, sandblasting or diamond polishing of the concrete’s glass-containing surface. Like all the other methods, it can create an appealing and eye-catching floor, fireplace or counter top.

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