Tips And Advice On Garage Floor Painting

Now matter how clean and organized your garage may be, the floor is usually a mess of grease and oil and tire tracks and foot prints. Even the most immaculate garages seem to have a filthy floor. Many homeowners turn to garage floor painting in order to bring this area of the garage in line with the vision they have for the rest of the house. While many turn to an oil based paint to accomplish this task, this generally is not a good idea, as the first time your drive over it, the heat from your tires will peel the paint up and off of the concrete leaving you right back where you started.

There are many epoxy and stain guards available for garage floor painting. These will only work well if the floor is kept very clean and swept of dust and dirt particles. Many fail at this part of the task and then the protective coating is not successfully applied to the concrete. One way to ensure that the surface is clean enough is to engage in a pressure wash before application. Another way is to acquire some solvents from your local hardware store. These solvents are effective in removing the buildup of years of use of the surface. A second problem that must be conquered is that of moisture. When the paint reaches the surface it can pick up moisture, forming a chalky and soapy substance that will interfere with the way it clings to the concrete.

One of the best methods to garage floor painting is to put down an epoxy that contains acrylic resins. Many of these come with color chips that can be applied to the epoxy on the surface of the garage floor while it is still wet. These are not suggested if you receive a lot of water or moisture in your garage. If the floor sees a lot of moisture, then your best bet is simply to keep it as clean as you possibly can through mopping and sweeping.

A second way to coat and protect the floor is through the use of a stain. Masonry like concrete can be stained in much the same fashion that you would stain a wooden floor. One of the benefits of a stain is that they can be easily reapplied as needed. After they begin to peel or become dirty, you can simply put down more stain to cover the affected areas. These masonry stains are available in two forms, one is a waterborne acrylic and the other is solvent based. The solvent based stain is not available for purchase in the state of California due to more stringent environmental regulations there. These are applied much like a house paint would be applied, so even if you do not have a lot of experience in painting garage floors, the process will be quick and easy. If your garage is neat and tidy and organized, then there is no reason that the floor of the unit should not appear the same way. By painting the floor you will bring it in line with the rest of the garage.

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