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Make Your Home More Beautiful with Timber Garages

Timber garages are the perfect choice for homeowners who desire a more rustic design. Made of 100 percent wood, these garages look just like log cabins. In fact, some detached versions actually have that type of design, making them very convenient for those in need of an in-law suite or a garage apartment. However, before you go out and build these additions, there are a few more things you should be aware of.

Great Ideas For Timber Garages

When building a timber garage, you should make sure you only get treated lumber. This is a type of wood that contains a layer of special coating which inhibits rotting and attack by insects, which is applied through heat and high pressure. With this coating, the wood does not become damaged through water, mold or other harmful elements. In addition, it makes the lumber more attractive. Depending on its color and level of glossiness, it will either accentuate the wood’s natural color, or it will transform it into a completely different hue. Even if you have a log house look, lumber will be used for the timber garage doors and windows along with the roofing and interior walls if used. The actual logs will be treated with a sealer that brings out their natural look or a stain can be added if desired.

Design is another important consideration so check out several different timber garage plans before you make a choice. Different companies offer several different options and looks to choose from. The log style is by far the most common. It offers a more natural look, since log-shaped lumber is used to create the garage. Yet, this does not mean that the slatted style lacks beauty. It utilizes flat, rectangular pieces of lumbar, usually around the garage door. The rest of the garage might be concrete or brick… the typical fare in the world of garages. Conversely, most log-style garages maintain that design for EVERY portion of the room. And this does not apply to just the exterior of the garage. When you go inside, the logs are still clearly visible.

Finally, there is the issue of how you will build your new timber frame garage. The old-fashioned way would involve buying your timber and creating the structure from the ground up. However, if your design involves an upstairs, a very large space and/or a space that has multiple rooms, you may be in for some very complex construction. Remember, some garage designs are almost fashioned like separate houses. If you do not know how to build a regular house, you will have problems with these structures.

More Great Timber Garage Ideas

This is why some homeowners opt for kits or pre-built garages. Kits are a good choice if you do not mind constructing your garage, while pre-built varieties take on a modular design. Built in a factory, very little construction is needed with these structures. Kits, on the other hand, consist of pre-cut materials… materials which you have to put together. Of course, for many DIY folks, such an option is preferable, as they feel the kit offers a less “manufactured” feel. They also tend to be cheaper than modular garages, since you are just getting the raw materials.

There are many factors homeowners should think about before investing in timber garages. What has been mentioned above can get them started, but they will also need to think about other concerns, ranging from the color of the wood, to hiring a builder. The Internet can greatly help with these inquiries, as there are a plethora of interior design websites. Some may even give free blueprints that can help homeowners achieve a better design. Either way, make sure you research every area of concern before you put your money on the line. Timber garages are beautiful, but if you do not choose structures from reputable suppliers, you may be disappointed with what you end up with.

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