The Home Mechanic’s Guide to Garage Mats

Garage mats come in all shapes and sizes and have specialty uses depending on the type of mat that you get. If you find yourself in the market for garage floor mats, then you’ll want to read further. Specifically this article will discuss some of the common uses for mats in the garage, including cleanliness, decoration and protection. After reading this article, you should be able to decide which kind of mats you might be able to use in your garage.

Common uses of Garage Floor Matting
There are a wide variety of uses for garage floor mats. Some of the most common ones are the following.

You have a car that you’re working on or one that is older which has developed a variety of fluid leaks. A garage car mat is the perfect solution for keeping the car fluids such as engine or transmission oil, brake fluid, or coolant from soaking into and staining your concrete floor.  If you’re working on the car, you can safely stack or place parts on the matting without worrying about the concrete underneath.

Your garage is your sanctuary, but it’s also your workspace. And it gets dirty working on all sorts of projects. Having a mat that you can clean up when you’re done helps to keep the dirt in the garage. If you periodically clean it up, there’s a lot less chance of tracking a mess into the rest of the house.

And a vinyl mat is easy to clean up as well once you’ve finished working on your project. Simply wipe up any standing fluids, then apply a little vinyl cleaner and it’s good to go.

Mats often come in a variety of patterns that can spruce up basic or worn concrete flooring. Getting the right pattern in your matting can make the difference in transforming your garage into a showroom floor of sorts. This is an especially nice touch if you have a vehicle that you’re proud of, such as a show car or race car.

Mats come in a variety of colors, so it’s possible to get a great combination for that finishing touch. Whether it’s a basic black and white checker pattern, or a solid color scheme, you can control the look and feel your work space.

When items drop on your concrete floor, the likely outcome is for either the item to be damaged or broken, or for the floor to be damaged or chipped. With a garage mat in place, you receive protection against both of these kinds of damage. Having a mat doesn’t guarantee that something fragile won’t break. But it does cushion the fall to a certain extent.

Now that you know what some of the benefits of having garage mats are, you are well on the way towards making a decision about the right one for you. Whether your needs are to help control dirty and maintain cleanliness, adding a finishing touch to your sanctuary, or protecting your tools and flooring, you can be certain that there is a mat that will fit the bill.

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