The Different Types Of Exterior Concrete Paint Made For Different Areas

In the category of home improvement and building products there are some new types of sealers and paints created for use on concrete. You will find the paints available in a few different styles, which include items with sealers and those made to have a high gloss finish. Choosing the right type of exterior concrete paint can be confusing if you are not familiar with the various products and where they should be used. The products designed with sealing agents to guard against moisture are usually used for interior areas such as a basement.
Epoxy Exterior Concrete Paint

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The epoxy paints are the most well known styles for outdoor use and are made to be extremely durable and resistant to scratches and wear. This product is generally used for covering the floor in a garage. The durability of it makes it resistant to staining from spilled liquids such as oil or antifreeze. An epoxy paint will come in different volumes or different percentages of epoxy in the final mixture. The most common type falls in the range of thirty to forty percent solids, and the rest of the volume is the application medium, which gives an average amount of thickness to the finished floor.

Using the lower solids volume of epoxy may require several applications if you want a more durable surface area for your floor. There are products available that have a one hundred percent solids by volume, which would not require any additional applications. The epoxies are available in assorted solid colors including red, blue and black as well as a wide variety of “flaked” designs. To make the process easier you can find these paints sold in kits. The kits include everything you need to resurface the cement floor in a garage including a mixing bucket, gloves and an instructional DVD.
Polyurethane Exterior Concrete Paint
Another type of exterior concrete paint is the kind used for surfaces left exposed to the elements. These surfaces include concrete slabs or stones as well as walkway areas and driveways. The type of product used for these areas will need to stand up to the effects of weather and not easily fade or wash away. There are a number of polyurethane and acrylic products available to choose from. The acrylic paints can stand up to areas that get a lot of traffic such as patios. They can be washed with plain soap and water and will last for a long time before needing to be resurfaced.
Stains and Enamels

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For walkways and driveway areas, many people prefer using the stains or enamels that are available for use on concrete. These also have a tough surface area that resists scratching and come in a few select colors. There are also some specially designed acrylic coverings that have a tread safe or non slip surface when dried. This textured covering is good to use on areas where there are steps or ramps that could be dangerous to walk on with a smooth textured surface. In addition to the items made specifically for covering cement areas you will also find some products that work well on a variety of surfaces besides cement, which could include wood or metal items.

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