The Different Options for Anti Slip Flooring

Everyone benefits when anti slip flooring is installed. In a residential environment, homeowners do not have to worry about themselves, their children or their elderly parents breaking their bones in a bad fall. For businesses, this type of flooring keeps the consumer safe. In turn, they will experience fewer lawsuits related to slip & fall accidents. However, for those new to this concept, there is the belief that anti skid floors must somehow be aesthetically inferior to the traditional kind. Such a notion is false, as there are many anti slip floors that actually enhance the décor of an area. You just have to know which floors to use for which situation.

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In residential situations, you have to think about flooring for your common rooms (like the kitchen and bathroom), your stairway, and any room that is unfinished, (like your basement or garage). For your common rooms, consider using anti-slip mats or rugs in areas where a person is likely to fall. This would include areas such as in front of the kitchen sink, at the exit point of the tub or shower, and in front of the sink in the bathroom. These places are most likely to have slick floors and thus you would want to offer slip protection.

For your stairway, you can use nosings or anti-slip tape. Nosings are more appropriate for stairs that are inside your home. When correctly applied, they create a liner of sorts along the front edge of each stair. Anti-slip tape does the same thing, but it has a much plainer look. In fact the look is so plain it might look out of place against a carpeted stairway. However, on hard-surface stairs, particularly those used for decks or patios, the look is appropriate. If the stairs are wet most of the time, such as those on exterior stairs, then covering the entire tread with an anti slip floor coating will give you more protection than just tape.

In a room where you are dealing with unfinished and/or concrete floors, you have two options for anti skid flooring. If the floor is made of concrete, you can apply a coat of epoxy paint, provided that it has anti slip qualities. The process is incredibly easy, and it creates a unique look that is both functional and beautiful. Even still, not everyone appreciates the beauty of concrete. If you are in this category, or your floors are not made of concrete, you will have to install a new covering. Vinyl, rubber or cork “peel and paste” tiles work best for beginning Do-It-Yourselfers.

Now, for commercial or industrial situations, you will need more elaborate flooring. This does not mean that the options are any different than what is available for homeowners. In fact, epoxy paint is a common choice for any structure. However, in a commercial environment, you may want to stick with non-colorized versions, especially if your existing floor looks decent. In an industrial environment, it may not matter but do not get too comfortable with any one solution. In a highly trafficked area, you may want to enhance the floor’s anti-slip properties even further with tactile flooring. Made of rubber or metal tiles, these unique floors contain engrossing and indentations that help increase traction. They also have a psychological effect, as they do not have the smooth, integrated feel people experience when walking on regular flooring.

In conclusion, there are many different solutions for achieving anti slip flooring. Whether you are a homeowner or the owner of a factory, you need to keep these options in mind if you want a safer environment.

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