The Best Grout Sealer

When tile is applied to a horizontal or vertical surface gaps are left in between each one. This is done to allow for a grout to be installed between the tiles so that the entire surface will be water tight and will look good. The problem is, many grouts do not repel water and so they will need to be sealed in order to allow the floor or wall to seal out the moisture.


Grouts are porous. They can soak up water which can damage the grout. This moisture can also allow all kinds of molds and mildew to start to grow under the tiles. This leads to further problems down the road including a reduction in the performance life of the subfloor.

If you apply a sealer on the grout, then it will also stop stains if something is spilled on it. The sealant works in two ways mostly, one type forms a membrane over the grout while the other one goes deep inside of the grout and protects from the inside. In either cases, the water cannot get inside but instead stays on top as it beads up. The process of applying the sealant on the grout can either be done by spraying or brushing.

All you need to make sure of before applying it to make sure the floor is clean and check whether the grout is all dried or not. Applying the sealant on wet or damp grout will adversely affect the performance of the sealant. This is the reason tile layers let the group sit for a minimum of three days before completing the task. They first lay the grout and wait for two days for the grout core to become dry.

In most cases, the grout outer looks dry shortly after it is troweled in while its core is still wet. Thus a sealer will be applied before the grout is ready to accept it. This does not help people to protect against moisture and dampening.
Once applied the grout sealant will not last for life and you have to reapply it after an advised frequency. For resealing you need to be sure the floor is clean and dry and then you can reapply it like you did on the original coating.

If you are grouting fired tiles then you do not need to worry about sealing the actual tiles themselves. But, If your tiles are from a porous stone such as travertine it will be necessary to seal the entire floor. Again, this will need to be done every few years.
As mentioned earlier, the task of applying grout sealant is time consuming only in the sense that you need to be sure it is completely dry. Whether you apply the membrane formation or try the penetration variety, you must give time enough for the grout to become dry.
For my money, the best technique of grout sealing is to use a product which penetrates inside the grout. For your grout sealing needs try to go for penetrating grout sealant that will get inside and protect it from deep inside.

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