Choosing The Best Garage Door System For Your Home Can Keep Your Possessions Safe.

It is a sad fact that we no longer in an age where people can leave there possessions unattended and expect them to be safe. It seems like every day I read about burglaries in my town and I live in a rural area. WE used to think that only city people couldn’t trust their neighbors but now we are having the same problems here. The fact is, you really need to make your home impregnable if you want to keep your possessions safe.

garage door systems
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garage door systems


Your home fortress will not be complete without a sturdy garage door. Garage doors are essential for keeping one of your most priced assets, your vehicle, as secured as possible. These doors also serve as protection for other things inside the garage such as tools and machinery, especially if the area also serves as a workplace. A reliable garage door must be able to deter burglars and wild animals from entering your house.
Aside from securing your home, garage doors also helps in managing the temperature inside your home. They can contribute to lowering the costs of heating or air-conditioning, since it helps to isolate heat or coldness outside the main house. Of course, garage doors also add to the aesthetics of the facade of your house. It is, after all, the first thing that guests who pass through your driveway see, so home owners should make sure that it looks good and welcoming.

What Are The Different Garage Door Systems?

There are various types of garage door systems available in the market nowadays, making it possible for home owner to choose the best one depending on their needs. The most common of these garage door systems are the up-and-over single panel garage doors. They are usually made from polyester-coated steel or from real wood panels. To be fully opened, single panel garage doors slide up and overhead on rails. This means that a vehicle must stop and park several feet away from the front so that it will not be hit by the garage door when it is opened. Most home owners consider this swing up arc of single panel garage doors as its major disadvantage, since it causes hassle when parking.
The inconvenience that goes with the use of single panel garage doors has caused home owners to explore other types of garage door systems. One of the garage door systems that is currently the most popular are overhead sectional doors. These garage doors are constructed from individual panels commonly made from insulated steel-sandwiched panels or even from solid board sections. Unlike single panel garage doors, overhead sectional doors allow home owners to park their vehicles right up to the garage. They do not require any space outside the garage to open. They also provide increased height for parking of higher vehicles. This garage door system is also considered to be more reliable and robust compared to monolithic doors, since each of its component panel has its own connection to the door track.
An interesting alternative to overhead sectional door is another garage door system: the side sectional door. This type of garage door is top-hung with a heavy duty aluminum bottom guide. The side sectional door slides sideways, and can be partially or fully opened when you want to access the contents of your garage. It can come with a remote control for automated operation, but can likewise be closed manually.
Those with limited garage space can meanwhile opt for another type of garage door system: the roll-up storage garage doors. As the name suggests, these doors work by rolling themselves vertically towards the roof of the garage, where they get stored. This garage door system does not require much space, but allows home owners to store several items in their garage. Like sectional doors, roll-up car port gates allow parking right up to the door. Most of these doors come with remote controls, making them very easy and safe to operate.

Choosing The Best Garage Door Opener Systems

Aside from determining which garage door suits your needs, you also need to choose among the types of garage door opener systems. These are motorized devices that facilitate the opening and closing of your garage door. They are usually controlled using switches on the garage wall, or using remote controls that can be carried inside the vehicle.
Chain-drive garage door openers are among the most popular garage door opener systems, primarily because they are the most inexpensive ones. They originated from an older technology that existed even before automated ones before popular. They can be located at the middle of the ceiling, assisting the lifting of the garage door using tracks on either sides of the door. Most of them come in 1/2 and 3/4 horsepower versions. The main issue with chain-drive garage door openers is the noise they make whenever they operate.
Another type of garage door opener system that producers less noise but still affordable is the screw-drive opener. This type of garage door opener features more power compared to the chain system. It also required less maintenance, because it has fewer parts involved in the assembly. The screw-drive opener lifts the door using a steel rod mechanism that can be found at the middle of the garage ceiling.
If you want a noise-free garage door opener system, then you should get a belt-drive system. The belt system pulls the garage door up, so it is the preferred system especially for those who have garages underneath the house. This type of garage door opener system, however, is typically the most expensive one.
The most advanced among all garage door opener systems is the computer-drive system. This system is the most top-of-the-line for automated garage door systems, because it uses an actual computerized device located above the garage door.

Garage Door Locking Systems For Added Security

For added security to your garage, you can also choose among various garage door locking systems. The most common of these is the side door bolt, which is attached to the inside of the door and has a bolt which slides to a receiving slot in the door track much like your ordinary door locks. This mechanism ensures that your garage cannot be accessed from the outside.
Other garage door locking systems include the T-Handle lock, which gets its name from the T-shaped handle used to operate the lock. It has two bolts that have to go into slots for the garage to be fully secured. There are also electronic door locks that use biometrics such as fingerprints to lock and unlock the garage door. Electronic types of locks, however, tend to be more expensive than their manual counterparts.
From garage doors to openers to locking systems there are so many ways to make your garage a secure, efficient yet attractive one. You just have to explore your various options, and choose the best one that suits your needs and your budget.

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