Stain Ideas For Unfinished Red Oak Hardwood Flooring

unfinished oak flooringMany people who opt for unfinished oak flooring do so because of the price. Unfinished oak flooring is a lot cheaper than the finished version, but unfinished white oak flooring is more expensive than unfinished red oak flooring. While that might be the main reason behind people’s decisions, it is not the only reason. When people choose unfinished solid oak floors, they have the option of staining the wood themselves. Being able to stain unfinished solid oak floors yourself means you can choose the type of stain being used, as well as the color.

Choosing Stain For Unfinished Red Oak Flooring

Unfinished red oak flooring is one of the most popular flooring choices because of how easily it absorbs stain. By easily absorbing stain the unfinished oak flooring does not take nearly as long to stain than other types of wood, due to less coats of stain being required to achieve the desired look. However, like all unfinished flooring types you will want to choose the color of your stain carefully, not all stains are going to look good with the flooring.

Red oak looks great stained with a darker color. Using a darker color with unfinished red oak flooring is nice because it tends to mask the pinkish color that shows through with the lighter stains. The pink color is a natural tint to red oak, a two part bleaching process can be used to get the color out, but that can also mess up your chances of getting the color you are after! Another reason for going with the darker color is that it allows the grain to really stand out

Choosing Stain For Unfinished White Oak Flooring

Unlike red oak floors, unfinished white oak flooring does not have a pinkish tint to it; therefore, nobody has to worry about covering up the added color. White oak flooring can be stained in just about any color. However, you will want to keep the color of the wood in mind. Although with white oak you do not have the pink undertone, you will often find that the wood has a yellow or brown color. The color of the wood will determine the color stain you use. If it is more yellow, you want to find a stain that has gold or yellow undertone, while if it is more of a brown color you want to opt for a stain with brown undertones.

Useful Tips For Choosing Stain For Unfinished Oak Flooring

Knowing the types of stain colors to use on the different types of unfinished solid oak flooring is nice, but when choosing the stain you also need to think about the room you are finishing. Before making a final decision on the stain color you want to consider a few other factors to ensure you make the right choice.

Looking at the lighting in the room is a big factor in determining stain color, but you will want to look at both natural and artificial light. The lighter the room is the darker the stain can be. If the room tends to be a dark room, you will want to go with a lighter stain. The reason behind this is that choosing a darker stain will make the room appear darker, and for some that can get rather depressing. Darker rooms most people want to lightening up, so the lighter the stain the lighter the better!

How much the room is used will also help determine the stain color. Rooms that are going to be used a lot by a number of people, such as family rooms or kitchens, are going to be more susceptible to dirt and stains. For example, in the kitchen food spills while you are cooking and can stain the floor, especially if it is not cleaned up right away. A home office is not used nearly as much, so there is less dirt and even a smaller chance of stains from food spilling. In rooms that will be used more frequently a darker stain is a good choice because it will help hide any dirt or stains, while home offices can use a lighter colored stain. How often the floors will be cleaned too will also affect the color you choose, lighter floors will have to be cleaned more frequently than darker color floors to keep them looking their best.

The décor and use of the room can also change your mind about what color stain to use. Rooms that are for formal uses, such as formal dinners or entertaining a darker stain is usually preferred. However, the colors of the other furniture, walls, and other décor can also play a big role in the decision. You want a stain that will bring out the décor, not over power it!

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