Sherwin Williams Garage Floor Paint Review

If you want a long lasting solution for a garage floor paint then your only real choice is an epoxy product. You can get stains and paints for concrete surfaces like patios or pool surrounds but they won’t hold up to traffic like is experienced on a garage floor. Sherwin Williams garage floor paint is a two part epoxy product that cleans up with soap and water but still cures to a hard surface which will resists most liquids found in a garage.
The product sold under the Sherwin Williams banner is H&C Shield-Crete Garage Floor Epoxy. This comes in a kit form which contains everything you need for a beautiful long lasting garage floor application. The kit contains a container of cleaner/degreaser which is used for prepping the floor before the application of the epoxy. It also has Part A and Part B of the epoxy mixture which are kept separate until it is time to brush or roll the epoxy on. A container of colored chips are included to give the floor a more varied look and a container of top coat non-skid additive. The only thing you have to provide is a little time and the brush or roller you will to apply the long lasting epoxy.
There are several reasons to choose Sherwin Williams garage floor paint over other products on the market. The first is the easy cleanup which is provided by the non-solvent formula. If you have any spills or splatters you can easily clean them up with soap and water before they dry. This does not mean the epoxy floor paint does not provide a very strong surface. It will resist most common chemical agents found in both a residential and commercial garage. Also, it provides very good protection from gasoline, brake fluid, standing water and battery acid.
As with any concrete floor coating the surface preparation is the number one concern when applying this product. The first step is to remove any loose materials on the floor. If the floor has been painted before then you will need to scrape off any loose chips. The old coating will also need to be roughed up to accept the new covering. Be careful of this step. Many old paints contain lead which has been found to be detrimental to the health of children and pregnant women. Contact your local health authority if you think you have lead based paint.
Once all the loose material is removed use a pressure washer to clean the floor and the provided cleaner/degreaser to get rid of any petroleum contamination. If the previous floor coating is still present then rough it up with a wire brush or angle grinder.
The garage floor paint should be applied at temperatures between 60 and 90 degrees F. and the relative humidity less than 80%. This allows for proper curing. The procedure involves thoroughly mixing the two parts together. This can be done with a mixing stick or with a paint paddle on an electric drill. If you use the drill, operate it on slow speed in order to not introduce air bubbles. Mix the anti-skid additive in with the epoxy. The additive will have a tendency to settle to the bottom so be sure to remix periodically. Epoxy cures to a very hard surface which is very slick when a liquid is spilled on top that is why the anti-skid aspect is very important will offer you a very good footing.
If you choose to add the paint chips then paint a portion of the floor, about three feet wide, and then spread on the chips by tossing them up in the air and letting them settle down. This will give very good coverage.
The Sherwin Williams garage floor paint has a percentage of solids by volume of about 45%. This means 45% of the mixture will actually be epoxy product and the remainder is the solution medium used to provide a way to apply the mixture. This is fairly common in a two part epoxy product that allows for soap and water cleanup. The final coat once cured will be about 3 mils thick. If you desire a thicker coating then you can apply a second coat after 8 hours and before 5 days. If you wait longer than this then you will rough up the surface of the first coat before applying the second.
This is definitely a product that can give you a floor covering for your garage which will last for years to come. Why not get started today and get the floor you want.

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  1. I just did my garage floor with the H & C epoxy from Sherwin williams.The floor come out beautiful,it was prepped properly and was allowed to dry in perfect conditions for 4 days before driving onto the floor.This was done 2 weeks ago and I just noticed 2 spots lifting on the pass side of the truck.Under the other side and the car is fine as is the rest of the floof-very disappointing and any sugestions would be greatly appreciated.Thankyou..

  2. Hello Martin,
    I am sorry to hear about your problems. I would say, without looking at the problem of course, was that you had some type of contamination at those spots. Your best bet will be to remove the epoxy from those areas, clean and etch the concrete, and then reapply. This will most likely take care of the problem.

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