Self Adhesive Floor Tiles

A great way to add a lot of color and class to a room is to install a new floor. You will be amazed at how much a room can be transformed with flooring. Of course you have a lot of options from carpet to ceramic tiles to laminates. Each have their place but most of these are quite expensive. And that is not even considering such materials as hardwoods, cork, or bamboo. If you are looking to cover the floor in an area that does not justify this kind of expense then self adhesive vinyl tiles may be just what you are looking for.
Most vinyl tiles consist of four main layers or sections. The top layer is a clear urethane wear layer that is designed to resist scuffs and scratches. This takes the place of the old method of waxing floors that you probably saw in your grade school years ago. The second layer is the main protective layer. This clear film is very tough and protects against rips, tears, and other types of gouging or scraping. This layer is quite strong but it can be damaged so you floor does need to be protected.
The third layer is the actual color or pattern layer. I would hazard to guess that there are more color and pattern combinations than you could ever view in your lifetime. These tiles range from black and white all the way to a faux marble or other stone, and everything in between. Before buying tiles be sure to give the pattern and colors you want a lot of thought. These self adhesive tiles are hard to remove once they are stuck down so you don’t want to change your mind in a month or two.
The last layer of a self adhesive vinyl floor tiles is the vinyl backing that provides the strength. This is the thickest layer and it is what makes these tiles so strong and durable. The adhesive is applied to the back of this layer and then covered with a non stick paper. This paper is pulled off just before the tile is set on the substrate surface. Usually these tiles come in a 12” X 12” standard size.
Self Adhesive Floor Tile Installation
One of the main reasons that homeowners prefer this type of flooring is because of the ease with which it can be installed. This is a great Do It Yourself project because if you follow the directions it is hard to mess up. The most important thing to remember is that the substrate (the surface the tiles are stuck to) must be prepared properly or you will have problems with the edges of the tiles coming loose. The key is to follow the preparation steps found in the instructions that come with the tiles to a T.
It is easy to install a beautiful tile floor using peel n’ stick adhesive tiles since you don’t need to worry about spreading out any sticky, messy glues. The floor substrate must be clean, dry, smooth and free from all previous floor coatings including old paint, varnish, wax, oils, solvents and any other covering. If not, if there are any residuals left, then you can expect the tiles to come loose. Also, be sure the floor is smooth and no adhesive ridges from other tile floor systems are still present. These ridges will telegraph through the tiles causing bumps.
If you are installing the tiles directly over new concrete be sure it is fully cured and it is a good idea to apply a latex primer. Also, if you are using pressed board or backer board then fill in the seams with a filler that cures hard and then sand it down flush. If not, these seems can often times be felt through the tile flooring.
Before applying the tiles be sure they have acclimated to the room environment. You should remove the tiles from the box and let them sit in the room for at least a day. Also, if you are using several boxes, then mix tiles from different boxes as you are laying them out. This will hide any problems you may have with slight shade differences.
If you want a quick, great looking floor that will last a long time and add great appeal to any room, then why don’t you look into this great project. If you are not interested in vinyl tiles then you could also try self adhesive carpet tiles. The ideas are the same but these can really warm up a room.

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