Selecting A Concrete Floor Sealer

Concrete floor sealers were developed to provide protection for concrete floors against environmental hazards and other damage to their surfaces. Their basic purpose is to seal out liquid and other substances from seeping into the floor from the top. However, they do not stop water from entering underneath the floor.

Acrylic versus Epoxy

For those in need of a concrete floor sealant for the basement of a home or another area that features slab flooring, the best choice is an epoxy or acrylic based product. Both options are ideal choices for a floor coating in low traffic areas; however, acrylic based products have some additional features one may wish to consider. For instance, it is not difficult to add color to acrylic sealant in order to tint the floor to match the area’s overall decor. Additionally, acrylic does not break down under direct sunlight as is seen with other sealants. This is can be of considerable importance if the floor being sealed is in a windowed area. Another advantage associated with acrylic sealers is the relative ease with which they can be applied.

Epoxy sealant also has positive characteristics that a homeowner should consider before making a final choice between the two sealants. One essential factor regarding epoxy is its longevity. Typically, epoxy sealant will last substantially longer than acrylic; however, it is necessary to keep the floor protected from direct sunlight or the aforementioned longevity will be negatively affected. It is for this reason that most cafeterias, factories and repair shops choose this type of sealant.

Safety Considerations When Sealing Concrete

One aspect that a person must consider regarding both sealants is safety. Both products become extremely slippery when wet, making it easy for an individual to slip and fall. However, this hazard can be dealt with satisfactorily in one of several ways. The application of an anti-skid material added to the coating before it cures is one way in which its slickness can be reduced. The two most commonly used materials for this are industrial sand and paint chips. Paint chips are sometimes selected when one has a dual purpose in mind, as they not only result in a non-slip environment, but also provide additional color to the selected sealant. It is also a good idea to clean up spills as soon as they occur in order to prevent slips and falls.

Proper Application Of  Concrete Sealers

As with all concrete floor sealers, successful application is essential in order to achieve satisfactory results. Making sure the floor is clean and dirt free is the first important step. Additionally, care must be taken to ensure there is no moisture on the floor prior to the application of the sealant. Many individuals wash the floor with an appropriate detergent and allow it to dry overnight before beginning the application of the epoxy or acrylic sealer.

When choosing the appropriate sealer for one’s concrete floor, the homeowner must also consider his or her personal taste. This is especially true if one plans to stay in the home permanently, as it is important to be satisfied with the home’s appearance and decor.

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