Rust-Oleum Epoxy Shield for Floors

RustOleum epoxy shield is a coating that will keep your floor in showroom-quality condition.  This shield will protect against antifreeze, gasoline, hot-tire pick up, motor oil and salt.  This semi-gloss surface can be cleaned with soap and water.  This shield is generally used by shops and other commercial ventures to give their floors a professional-looking shine to strengthen as well as protect the floors.  There are also products for home use as well.  It is also environmentally friendly so it does not harm plants or grass that may come in contact with the formula.

You will find this epoxy floor coating available as a kit that the user must mix together.  There are epoxy shields for concrete floors, garage floors, industrial floors and even blacktop coating meant to last longer than asphalt based coatings.  These products can cost between $50 and $130 depending on the type of coating, less for coatings meant for home use.  For instance, a one-gallon can of Rust-Oleum armor gray epoxy shield one part concrete floor paint costs a little more than $30.  It is meant for uses in basements, carports, driveways, garages, patios, pool decks, porches and walkways as well as for indoor or outdoor vertical masonry. However, this shield is not meant for asphalt floors or floors that have previously had unsound coatings or moisture problems.

If used properly, it will protect against chemicals, hot tires and UV and weather wear.  The one-part advanced acrylic technology self-primes and leaves the floor with color and a satiny finish.  There is enough in the gallon to cover 300 to 400 square feet of a garage or porch and can easily be applied by a ½-inch nap roller cover. Rust-Oleum carries many industrial strength formulas such as the Professional Floor Coating that resists abrasion, impact and wear due to heavy foot traffic and vehicle traffic.

There are many other concrete protection systems, many featuring the company’s trademarked OverKrete topping that combines maximum resistance to abrasion and chemicals with low maintenance.  The FlorKlad topping provides the same protection against these elements as well as mechanical factors and impact. Using the epoxy shield takes some prep work whether for the garage or for the warehouse, but the preparation and following labor will save more work later on that may have gone toward repairs or other maintenance.  Still, since Rust-Oleum includes instructions with its products, the do it yourselfer should be able to successfully apply the shield.

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6 Comments for “Rust-Oleum Epoxy Shield for Floors”

  1. After using tri-sodium tri-phosphate to scrub garage floor and power washing to rinse, followed by scrubbing with Rust-oleum Epoxy Shield Concrete Etch in preparation to patch and paint, after drying overnight a white foam appeared around some of the areas needing to be patched. This used to happen when winter salt was brought into the garage. What should be done before patching and painting. Your response will be helpful. Thank you. Pat Thornton, Racine, Wisconsin

  2. I sent you and email Pat so that we could get more information. When this is resolved we can share the results with others.

  3. I just had my downstairs floors done but they don’t have that reflective quality that I expected accompanied concrete floors. I was told by the contractor afterward that the smooth, high-shine reflective look would only come from having applied self-levelling overlay as the base of the project.

    I like the patterns, etc that are in the concrete surface but just want them to not define the top texture of the floor. I like the look of a layer of glass atop what I have now and I’m trying to get the floors as close to that as possible after the fact, without having to redo the entire thing.

    What options are there, if any, for a top coat or finish that would not follow every grain in the existing surface? Is there anything like a self-leveling clear top coat or polymer that I can put over it all just to enhance the smoothness and reflective quality of the job? I like the floor but just want it to have a more refined look on top.

    Thanks a mil,

  4. Hi Mitzi, thanks for the question.

    I would say you may be happy with a clear epoxy coating over the top. One of the best products for the general public is Rustoleum Premium Clear Coating. This product will give you a glossy look. If you are just looking for a shiny appearance then you may try some floor polish in an out of the way area. This would be a cheap alternative but it wouldn’t be clear but it may give you the shine you are looking for. Of course, you would have to maintain the polish.

  5. Leonard Pomaranski

    What would you used on a wood front porch w.hich is painted and chipping off?????
    I heard that epoxy might do it…………………………………Thanks

  6. Hi Leonard,
    I would recommend an acrylic latex or latex enamel wood floor paint. Be sure your floor is absolutely dry, remove all loose and chipping paint, remove all mold and mildew, and sand the existing paint to roughen it up. Don’t put the paint on too thick when you are painting a floor. A couple of thin coats will actually last longer than one thick coat because the paint will dry harder.

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