Protect Your Driveway With Asphalt Coating

In cities and towns all across this country people have used asphalt as the surface covering for their driveways and parking aprons. This material is a combination of an asphalt cement bonder with small pieces of gravel called aggregate. It is a popular choice because it creates a smooth surface on which to drive. However it is a substance that is sensitive to outdoor conditions and can expand and contract with the changes in temperature. It can also become hard and brittle from exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the sun, which will cause the surface to crack.

To help prevent damage from occurring on your driveway you want to select a type of asphalt coating that will work best for you. These asphalt coatings can also be referred to as sealers and work by coating the surface area to create a barrier between the driveway material and the outside elements. When looking for this product you will find two basic types available. There are sealers made using coal tar and those that use a form of asphalt. The coal tar coatings have been around the longest and work well to keep out the various elements that can destroy the paving material because of the molecular structure of the compound.

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The sealers made with coal tar today add mineral fillers to the tar to help it become more flexible so the asphalt underneath can still flex with the changes in temperature without cracking. The products that include these fillers can also be referred to as emulsion based and are designed to lay upon the surface of the substance they are applied to. The coal tar products work well to keep out the oils and deposits left behind from vehicles that travel across the surface and it forms a very strong coating on the underlying roadway. Asphalt based products will also come with mineral additives to enhance their overall protective abilities.

The asphalt mixes work well to reduce the damage incurred due to the harmful rays of the sun. These sealers reduce the amount of fading which is common for this type of material. Over time the exposure to the sun’s rays will turn the shiny black surfaces to a dull gray. This indicates the cement products are breaking down. These sealers are also considered to be more user friendly since the substance is virtually odorless and will not irritate skin if contact is made. For this reason it is often the product of choice for use on residential driveways. The tar based items are generally used by departments for repairing or paving city streets and parking lots.

There is another version of asphalt coating that comes with an oil base, which is not generally sold for public use. This material is used by contractors and does not provide the same type of protection as the other two types of substances. Because it has a base made with petroleum it does not keep out the surface oils left behind by vehicles. Most of the commercially sold products are sold by the gallon with some items available in concentrated form, which need to be mixed with water. Homeowners have the choice of choosing a product and doing the job themselves or hiring a professional asphalt sealing company to do the job for them.

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