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The Ultimate Guide to Polyurea Concrete Floor Coverings

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In recent years, polyurea concrete floor coatings have become increasingly popular. Invented during the 90s, the coating was an improved version of epoxy, the sealant of choice at that time. What made it different was its chemical structure. Within polyurea, there is an ester that makes the substance harden. In fact, after polyurea has been mixed and applied, the substance will become 73 to 99 percent solid, depending on how it was prepared. This creates a powerful buffer zone for the concrete underneath. However, even with this major advantage, polyurea may not be appropriate for every situation. To determine if it is best for you, there are a few factors you need to think about.

1) Expense – In comparison to epoxy, polyurea is significantly more expensive. However, if you hire an outside contractor to apply the sealant, you may not notice the cost. This is because the labor is not as expensive. Since polyurea cures quickly, the application can completed at a faster rate. But this is assuming that the floor was already prepped.

2) Fading – If polyurea is exposed to too much sunlight, it may develop a yellowish tinge. To counteract this problem, homeowners would have to get their floor sanded.

3) Benefits – If the factors above do not bother you, there are many benefits you will gain by using polyurea concrete floor coatings. The nearly solid paint is resistant against scratches, cracks and bacteria. This makes maintenance a breeze, especially if the substance has not yellowed. All you have to do is mop it, and it will still maintain its glossy luster.

The application process is the final factor of consideration. It is the make-or-break factor, as many DIY folks become intimidated at extensive applications. Yet, the process of applying polyurea concrete floor coatings is not extremely difficult. If you have a roller or an impingement gun, you can apply it like you would any other paint. The difficulty lies in the steps before application. To ensure that the polyurea holds, the concrete must be ground with special equipment. If this is not done properly, the polyurea will not remain level. This is in contrast to epoxy sealant, which has self-leveling abilities.

The mixing phase might be another difficult area for beginning DIY individuals. While every can of polyurea has a set of instructions, if you do not follow them to the letter, you may ruin the mixture. This is especially the case if you overmix the substance and/or do not transfer it at the right time. You only have a few minutes to get everything right.

On the upside, once you get the hang of the mixing process, you will have more control over the sealant’s chemical structure. If you want it more liquefied, you have that power. The same is also true if you want it to be more solid. And in both cases, you will be treated to a cure time of just a few seconds.

You now know the basics regarding polyurea concrete floor coatings. Whether or not you should use them depends on your situation. If you are in need of a glossy, bacteria-free floor, these coatings are essential. Just be aware of the costs and the somewhat difficult application process. Conversely, if you want protection for a small, unused area you might have an easier time with epoxy. It is not as durable as polyurea, but it is still better than nothing.

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