How to Apply Penetrating Sealers to Your Concrete Floor

Penetrating sealers work wonders for concrete.  Originally created for dams, these specialized paints are designed to strengthen concrete floors.  When they are correctly applied, your floors will be protected from cracks, mold growth and water damage.  Also, depending on which [concrete floor sealer] you get, your flooring may appear glossier after application.  So, with all these advantages, you can understand why every homeowner should know the basics behind applying penetrating sealers.

However, before you can even get to that level, you must know which sealant to buy.  Among the penetrating variety, three are available.  They are as follows:

1) Silane – These sealers may make your concrete darker, as they require a heavier application.  However, in the process your floors become less resistant to stains.  Thus coating will also last up to eight years.

2) Silicate – Silicate penetrating sealers are hard to work with, especially if the floor is already smooth.  Yet, despite this, these sealants are very efficient at repelling water.

3) Siliconate – Siliconate sealants can actually be used during the curing process.  This makes them a great option for homeowners who are building a new concrete floor.

If you are new to concrete sealing, stick to the silane variety.  They are easier to find and their application is not too complex.  If you can move a roller or squirt a spray bottle, you have the capacity to use these sealants.

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Do not be fooled, though.   While silane sealants are easy to apply, you still have to prep the floor if you want the solution to set properly.  To do so, first pressure clean your floors with a high-powered cleaning agent, like a degreaser.  Afterward, use an acid etch to clear the floor of efflorescence, a type of salt build-up that occurs after concrete gets wet.  Carefully follow the instructions on the package, as acid etching can ruin your floors if it is done for too long.  The runoff can also hurt pets and plants.

Once your floor has dried, you can apply silane sealant with a roller or a sprayer.  Use basic strokes to give your floor at least one thorough coat.  From that point forward, give the sealant four hours to dry.  Should you use your floors before this timeframe, you will end up ruining your new finish, as sealers need adequate time to set.

Now if you decide to use silicate or siliconate sealants, you may have to put down more coats.  The tools of application should be the same, as rollers and pump sprayers are standard for penetrating sealants.  What differs is the skill level involved.  This is why these versions are not usually recommended for beginners.

To maintain penetrating sealers, all you have to do is wash your floor with cleaning detergent and water.  If the sealant starts to come off, you can apply a light application in the affected area.  Do not bother with a full one until you have reached the end of the sealant’s lifespan.  The exact period will vary depending on the manufacturer, but you can generally expect sealants to last 5 to 10 years.

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