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The Different Types Of Paver Sealers

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If you have a brick patio, you can use a paver sealer to make it more beautiful. Consisting of a paint-like substance, these sealers have both functional and aesthetic value. Functionally, these sealers keep water and other substances from penetrating into the brick. They also strengthen the sand within the floor’s joints. Even still, since there are hundreds of paver sealers on the market, you need to know which one will work best for your patio.

In terms of chemical structure, all paver sealers fall into one of two categories: film formers and penetrants. The film former creates a type of barrier over the floor’s surface, (thanks to the epoxy or polyurethane substances contained within). In turn, the floor develops a powerful layer of protection. However, since film formers cannot get inside of the brick’s cells, this protection only extends to the topmost layers. To get more protection, you would have to use a penetrant. Penetrants actually coat the inside portion of the brick, up to 4 millimeters deep. Such sealers are pricier than film formers, but they are also more effective over the long haul.

For design, there are many choices for both film formers and penetrant sealers. If you do not want to add any shine to your brick, you would have to get a matte sealant. Matte sealants possess a clear, glossless hue, so the substance will not interfere with what is already there. Conversely, stained sealants give bricks added gloss and coloring. Meanwhile, gloss-only sealants will make your bricks shiny without introducing a new set of hues.

Finally, you can choose paver sealers based on whether or not they are solvent or water-based. Water-based sealants are easier to work with, because you do not have to mix up different components. However, you will need to apply two different coats if you want to completely seal your brick. Solvent-based sealants only require 1 coat, but the mixing process might be difficult for the beginning DIY crowd. In addition, some jurisdictions limit the distribution of solvent-based sealants, as some believe they are harmful to the environment. So keep all that in mind as you are choosing your sealers.

In conclusion, there are many different varieties of paver sealer. And while all of them will improve the quality of your brick, you need to think about your own concerns before making a buying decision. Do not rely solely on a salesclerk’s advice, as they might have their own agenda in mind. Instead, print out this article and take it with you when you are ready to go shopping for your sealer. From that point forward, if you have any additional questions, ask them based on the knowledge that you have learned here.

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