On Making Concrete Floor Paint Choices

By coating a concrete floor with paint, a homeowner provides that surfacewith resistance to chemicals, oil or grease. There are three types of paints that have been designed for use on cement flooring. One type is made with latex; one type is made with alkyd; a third type can be either one or two parts epoxy. Concrete floor paint choices concern the selection of a coating from those three forms of surface protection.

Homeowners who go online, in order to base their choice on information about surface protection, should plan to check out the material linked to four specific names. The Behr Company makes one part and two part, water based epoxy coatings. This company also sells a wet look sealer, a low luster sealer and two types of stains.

Benjamin Moore has paints for both an outdoor porch and indoor flooring. In addition, it carries several forms of enamel. MuscleGloss products feature the characteristic mentioned in their name, i.e. their ability to create a glossy look. Their epoxy coating bonds to the surface, thus producing an impervious barrier. However, this product demands the mixing of two components prior to its intended application.

While the three names mentioned above are linked to companies with a long history of making stains and paints, there is one other name that deserves mention. That name is Dura Proxy. Anyone who plans to be painting an area that demands the presence of a skin resistant coating should consider using the product named Dura Proxy.

Once the paint’s manufacturer has been selected, then a determination of the paint’s color must be made. In high use areas, dark neutral colors work best. Neutral hues match best with whatever covers the walls and ceiling. Darker colors tend to show dirt and grime less easily. However, a plain dark color is not always the ideal choice.

However, sometimes a concrete surface covers an section of the home where good lighting is essential. In that case, the hue on that flooring should be able to reflect, rather than absorb light. Bright colors work best in a room such as the kitchen. There, too, a solid color is generally all that is needed.

In other sections a patterned or decorated surface might be preferred.  When a decorative effect is desired, some colored flakes can be added to the applied material. Like the paint, they bond with and adhere to the
underlying surface.

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  1. The one thing that people sometimes forget when it comes to painted concrete is the fact that it DOES NOT have to be ugly! By employing some color matching techniques, you can actually add some style to the garage or patio.

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