Nonslip Paint That Suits Your Floor

Maybe you are planning right now to add a nonslip coating to your garage or workshop floor but you are in a dilemma as to what kind of coating you are going to use because there are so many available products on the market. It is much easier to choose when you can compare the various nonslip coatings that are sold in the market today. Perhaps you can decide which nonslip paint is best suited for your situation after getting to know more about the different nonslip coatings.

Some nonslip coatings are made from a material called polyurethane. This is used as a floor coating to prevent slipping. It is capable of bonding with different kinds of surfaces like concrete, fiberglass, wood, etc. It is very durable and, also, elastic. It has a higher resistance to spills compared to an epoxy coating. This is the commonly used floor coating of industrial shops, marine ships and helicopter pads. It is available in different colors and can be purchased to match the color scheme of your garage. A polyurethane coating can be applied by brushing or rolling on and once it dries, the result is a very coarse surface that it’s almost impossible to slip on. It can be bought in gallons and the price can range from $90 to $150 depending on your color of choice and the brand name. A primer is needed before applying the polyurethane which means more work.

One popular nonslip coating is the epoxy coatings for floors which are often sold in kits. A kit of epoxy coating consists of a resin and a hardener. Sometimes you can even buy them in aerosol cans so that you just have to spray on the coat. An epoxy coating is very effective on floors made of concrete, metal and wood. Compared to polyurethane, it is easier to apply an epoxy coat and it requires simple prep work in order for it to bond well to the floor. However, it is vulnerable to sun light and overexposure to it can make the color of the coating fade. Most people also prefer to use a nonslip type of epoxy paint because it is cheaper than applying polyurethane although the coverage of an epoxy coat is not as thick as polyurethane. A gallon of epoxy coating can cost between $45 to $90 depending whether the brand is low-end or high-end.

There are a lot of anti-slip coatings available. The two examples, polyurethane and epoxy coating, are the most recommendable products. Epoxy nonslip paints are actually the most commonly used nonslip floor coating by homeowners and perhaps the most practical solution for most circumstances. It is up to you whatever type of floor coating you are going to use for your garage or workshop floor. What’s more important is you apply the coating properly by carefully following the instructions set by the manufacturer. Good luck in your installation of nonslip coatings.

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