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Non Slip Floor Paint Offers Safety and Good Looks

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Safety is an important issue no matter where you are. Staying safe in your home, business or garage can help keep you productive and healthy and keeps business running smoothly. Ensuring your flooring is safe and easy to stand, work and walk on will cut down accidental falls, slips, accidents, workman’s compensation claims and potentially costly and stressful lawsuits. A great option for safe, workable flooring is non slip paint.

Slip resistant floor paint provides great underfoot traction and prevents slips and falls. High traffic areas can get slippery and wet when rain or snow is tracked in, leaving puddles perfect for providing enough slip to force a fall. Areas that host a lot of people can also pose risks as drinks and other liquids are spilled leaving slippery spots that cause accidents. Having a slip resistant floor coating applied to your existing flooring allows you to provide traction and grip underfoot to prevent and lessen the occurrences of accidental falls and slips.

Perfect for garages, warehouses, pool sides, decks and driveways, slip proof floor treatment is an easy solution to provide traction and grip in slick, high traffic areas. The paint will hide imperfections in the flooring and provides a tough, durable finish. Paint is tintable, too, so selecting a color that compliments your existing decor is easy. Most non slip paints are self priming and easy to apply with a roller or brush formulation that allows you to paint quickly and efficiently. Additionally, if you want the look of a shiny floor without the slippery feel of a shiny floor, you can add a clear, shiny protective sealant coast over your traction paint that reflects light and gives shine, but is still safe under foot.

For best results, be sure to thoroughly clean and pressure wash any area before painting. Grease, dirt, dust, debris, and moisture can prevent paint from properly adhering so be sure your surface is clean and dry before you begin. Many paints suggest an etching compound be used before painting to rough up the original surface and give the paint something to grip. Ask your home improvement center retail associate to assist you with gathering all the supplies you need to do the job properly and to give you any advice, tips or techniques they can to help you along the way.

Roll the paint on with a stipple brush for best results. Roll in an even coating that is thick enough to coat the area without puddling or pooling. Getting an even coat will provide the best traction and will look professionally done. Allow the paint to dry without contact with moisture for forty eight hours and apply a sealant if you so choose. Once the paint is dry and sealed, you are ready to enjoy your new non slip floor. Clean up is easy, just clean the floor with a manufacturer approved solution as needed.

Non slip floor paint is a great safety addition and will enhance the look of your floor. Chose the color and formula that is right for your needs and get started today. Making safety a priority is a smart choice and non slip floor paint provides an easy way to make safety first.

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2 Comments for “Non Slip Floor Paint”

  1. I epoxyed garage floor about 5 years ago and now it is peeling mostly from tire pickup. Where the vehicles do not sit the surface is pretty good. What I would like to do is re paint/epoxy the floor where the vehicles normaly sit. However wpould like the surface to be non-skid.
    await your advise on preparing and re painting with a non-skid paint.
    Thank you

  2. Hi Gerry,
    Yes you can apply a new epoxy coat over an old coating but two things you will need to keep in mind. First, the current coating needs to be roughed up so the new cover will adhere well. Second, be sure you remove all the loose epoxy that was caused by hot tire pickup. If you don’t do this then your new floor will just continue to lift up.
    Once your floor is prepared you can apply a new coating with an non skid additive by just following the instructions on the box.

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