Laminate Flooring Installation Tips

Originally I wasn’t very impressed with laminate flooring because I like things natural. But my daughter wanted it in her room a few years ago and so we laid it out one afternoon. That was five years ago and I am very happy with the results so far. The only problem we have had is a divot where she dropped her bowling ball. It didn’t put a hole in the floor but you can see the depression when the light hits it right. Other than that it has stood up very well. If you have been wondering how to install laminate flooring then these tips will hopefully give you some good information.
Floor lamination refers to the thin sheet of polyester or particleboard that comes with decoration and is now widely used to give a wood floor look to home floors for an inexpensive price. The lamination comes with different decorative ornamentation to make it look like natural wood species. You can also get tile effect laminate flooring which mimics the look of a natural tile floor. The strips come with a coating of a sealant agent that enhances the covering’s physical properties against breaking, tearing, and scratching and increases tensile strength. The concept of floor lamination was first commercially adopted in Sweden.


In order to get good results with a laminate flooring installation, try following the tips mentioned below:


– First of all, please consider the color. The color of the lamination needs to complement your home interior look. There are all kinds of woods that are the basis for laminate products and they range in color and shade from very light to very dark. One of the main objectives to go for when laminating a floor is that the floor adds to the overall look of the room but is not overwhelming. So pick the color according to your choice that goes with your home decoration and interior plan.
– Secondly pay major emphasis to the design of the lamination. There are wood grain pattern, geometric patterns, patchwork etc. The face design of the lamination is crucial as it has to be in line your home interior.
– The third thing to think about is the room environment. This is not a product for bathroom laminate or any other area with a lot of moisture. Basement laminate flooring can be a big problem if there are any moisture problems so this really needs to be taken into consideration. A Basement needs to be sealed before you will get good results with this product.
– The flooring pieces consist of different layers and moisture over time can cause these layers to come apart. I have not seen this in the placed I have used it even when water was spilled. The most outer layer is called the wearing layer. It has to be hard for sharp edges to not penetrate, and it will guard against water, moisture and stains on the surface.

To apply floor lamination, you will want to be sure the floor surface is flat but the foam foundation pad will take up a lot of variations. If the existing floor is made from linoleum or vinyl then you do not need to remove them. Generally, installers do not strip out old layers of lamination if it is not very thick but if you have some major ridges or valleys from your old flooring you will want to deal with these

Laying Laminate Flooring

First you have to roll out the lamination padding base and be sure that it is free from any kind of wrinkles, bubbles, etc. If the room is wider than the roll of the laminate floor underlayment then you can tape it together to be sure you have one complete sheet. This just makes the installation of the laminate easier. This foam layer acts as a sound barrier, a cushion, and allows for the expansion and contraction of the flooring.
Once the laminate floor underlay is done you can start to put the floor pieces together. I started in the corner where her door was because that was the most noticeable area of the floor. This way, if I needed to cut down pieces for the finish it would be at the side that was not very visible. The only problem with this is if the last laminate strip is very narrow. To get away from this problem you can measure the width of the room and then divide that by the width of the laminate strips. This will give you the number of full strips and then a remainder. If the remaining width is less than .25 then start with a half strip for your first course.
When you are snapping the floor pieces together be sure you don’t have two pieces side by side with their ends adjacent. This does not work. It is best to start with a full piece and then cut down a piece to two thirds the original length and use if for the second piece. Then use a one third piece for the third. The fourth one across can then be a full one again. This keeps your ends staggered and make the floor much stronger.
When you are laying laminate flooring the pieces will snap together. It is really quite easy to install as you put each new piece onto the existing floor you will want to be sure the joint is tight. You can do this one of two ways. You can buy a block that has a ridge which goes into the new pieces slot which you then hit with a hammer. This ensures the pieces are tight. You can also just take a short piece of laminate and use this as a hammering block. Do not hammer on the good piece as this will ruin the edge and the next piece will not snap in properly. Also, it looks really bad to have the edges banged up.
As you get to the end of the project you don’t want the flooring to be absolutely tight against the wall. The floor has now become a monolith and it will expand and contract as the moisture levels in the air change. Be sure to leave a gap as specified by the manufacturer or the floor will tend to buckle if your weather turns damp.
I hope this article has helped you to see how easy this project is and it has answered some of your questions.

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