Installing Polished Concrete Floors

Polished concrete floors are an alternative to dull, boring, regular concrete floors. They are often used in commercial and industrial establishments to create a brilliant, high gloss finish. This sort of flooring is also favored by the cleaners as they require little effort to clean and it is always obvious afterwards with the improved shine.

Even after the polished flooring has been installed it is still incredibly durable, even objects as heavy as cars can remain for a long period of time. These floors are often times used in car dealerships because the high gloss finish reflects the base color of the car. The polished finish results in a smooth, shiny surface which makes any building look smart and professional beyond belief. The floor even reflects light perfectly so it makes every room look brighter and bigger regardless of the actual size.

The polished floor can last for years despite the natural wear and tear that the industry puts it through. This means that the product is economical which gives the business value for its money. There are many choices which need to be considered when deciding to purchase a polished floor such as the grade and the polishing dye that will be used.

Businesses can even have their logo dyed on the floor to enable their customers to remember them if they wish to come back. Schools, museums and shopping malls can choose from bronze to platinum polishing grades to get the look they desire. Other choices include overlay systems where the installer will work with the client to ensure they get the floor surface they desire.

Polished concrete flooring is reasonably easy to install making it one of the more popular choices in the commercial world. First of all the floor will be cut (ground) several times depending on the desired finish and how much aggregate is wanted to be exposed. Aggregate is the small stones that are present in concrete. They are often river rock and thus rounded and of many different colors. By exposing these small rocks under a shiny surface a very nice looking surface is created. If it is a new building the floor should always be cut before the walls are in place. Cutting is done with a power grinder that uses progressively finer grits to get a smoother and smoother finish.

Then two more cuts will be done, following this using a window squeegee an indensifier is applied all over to produce the glossy look to the surface of the floor and it allows the floor to be durable as well. Following this part of the process the floor has to be left overnight before anything else can be done.

Finally the floor will be cut three times more before the final polishing stage takes place. The last part is when the floor will be sealed which can be done through a few different methods; the most common is by diamond sealing. This is when the floor is sanded approximately three or four times with different types of sandpaper. Then it will be sealed with either standard stone or a tile sealer.

Regardless of the business that seeks a polished concrete floor it is a very inexpensive method to create a long lasting look which creates a very strong impression. Many schools, hospitals and museums have them because they are easy to clean and they help keep the overall maintenance costs down. Polished concrete floors are generally installed by builders either during the erection of a building because the grindings make such a mess.

A completely new use for polished concrete is in residential construction. They are very popular when combined with in floor heating systems. The concrete is warmed by the hot water circulating in the slab and thus you don’t want carpet or laminate between the concrete and your feet.

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