Industrial Flooring Systems – Facts You Need To Consider

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Industrial flooring systems are used to protect floor surfaces where vehicles are parked, where industrial machinery is installed, or where there is exposure to heavy foot traffic. For floors in residential and commercial garages, factories and warehouses, different types of industrial floor coatings may be applied depending on the type of floor protection that is required. Among the industrial floor coating options available are epoxy, hybrid polymer and sealant coatings, and ceramic and carbon tiles and bricks.
Epoxy coatings are a popular and relatively inexpensive type of industrial floor coating for hard floors such as concrete. The epoxy resin coating comes in the form of a plastic based liquid that is spread over the floor. When dried, the epoxy provides a tough wear-resistant floor coating.
The epoxy floor system provides a very strong, durable surface that is leak resistant. That means, any spillage will tend to stay on the top of the coating surface instead of bleeding through to the concrete below. This is great for health care facilities which need to keep their floors completely clean and disinfected. Another great advantage of epoxy is how easy it is to add a non slip functionality. After the coating is spread out, and before it cures, all you need to do is spread out colored flecks or industrial grit in order to have a son slip floor that even works when wet.
Hybrid polymer industrial flooring systems are more expensive than epoxy coatings but are easier to apply and offer better strength and resistance to wear. Hybrid polymer coatings are especially suitable for heavier industrial applications in areas where chemical spills are likely, or where there may be exposure to ultraviolet radiation.
Probably the most inexpensive industrial floor coatings for concrete floors are sealers. They provide protection from wear as a result of foot traffic, and are resistant to moisture seepage and chemical spills. Sealers need to be reapplied every few years to maintain their protective effects, though, as the coating is not very thick and easily wears off.
Unlike epoxies, hybrid polymers and sealants, which are applied as liquids, ceramic and carbon industrial floor systems come in the form of tiles or bricks that are laid over the floor base and cemented down. The joints are then filled with grouting cements. Ceramic and the newer carbon floor coatings are durable, unaffected by extremes of temperature, and offer good resistance to impact.
When choosing an industrial floor coating solution, it is essential to give thought to the industrial operations that are to be carried out in the area. If a floor is subject to spillages of oils, fuel or industrial chemicals or ultraviolet exposure, its resistance to chemical and photochemical attack are important considerations. The floor’s physical strength is important if the area has substantial foot traffic, or houses heavy equipment or is subject to abrasion or vibration from industrial machinery. In areas where foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals are prepared it is essential to choose industrial floor coatings that can be easily cleaned and sterilized. Slip-resistant surfaces are important for industrial safety.
The age and type of existing flooring, and how the finished floor surface will resist chemical and physical attack, are important considerations when choosing an industrial floor coating for your application.

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