Industrial Epoxy Flooring Is A Good Treatment For Home Or Business

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An epoxy coating is a mixture of a resin, which is the epoxy, and a hardener, sometimes referred to as a catalyst. The resulting compound is tough and durable. Not surprisingly, epoxy floor coatings have been well received as they afford a surface that is easy to clean, reflects light and looks good. Industrial epoxy flooring is a higher grade compound that lasts longer than lesser grades; however installation techniques are the same and the resulting floors share similar qualities.

Industrial epoxy flooring is typically used in laboratories, garages, warehouses and other settings where traffic requires daily cleanup and safety may be an issue. It affords protection from stains and degradation to concrete floors. A wide variety of colors is usually available. A garage, either at your home or in an industrial setting, often has an epoxy coating. Applying epoxy requires thorough completion of each step but the process is straight forward.

A new concrete floor should be allowed to cure for 30 to 60 days after installation. An existing concrete floor must be quite thoroughly cleaned. If the floor has been sealed, it may not be appropriate for an epoxy coating unless the sealant can be thoroughly removed; likewise a concrete slab that absorbs ground moisture would not be suitable. A flaking painted floor must be rid of paint so that the epoxy has a firm surface to grip; this may require grinding or heavy duty sanding. Oil or other stains should be removed as best possible; soap and water may be adequate but a cleaner designed specifically to do this may be needed. Cracks should be repaired by removing unstable areas and then suitably patching them.

The floor should be swept, cleaned with soap and water, allowed to dry and then etched. The etching product may be an acid or similar product specific to the task. Some professionals have used vinegar, rinsed away with windshield wiper fluid which is an alcohol based liquid that will not leave mineral traces as water might. The purpose of the etching process is to enhance the porosity of the concrete to maximize the amount of gripping surface for the epoxy.

Once the epoxy and the catalyst are mixed, you must work quickly as the drying time might be as little as 20 minutes. Consequently, you should plan to apply the epoxy in a number of small areas. Otherwise, the painting step is not complicated. Use a brush to cut in the corner areas and along the wall/floor junction. Pour an adequate amount of epoxy to cover the area you are working and use a long handled roller to smooth the epoxy. Epoxy paint chips are often added as a decorative facet at this step. Finish the whole floor and allow to dry overnight.

Most epoxy systems have a clear coat to be applied after the first coat is dry. It should be applied in the same manner. If slippery floors pose a hazard, you might consider adding small gritty particles atop the clear coat to enhance gripping capacity and minimize poor footing. In a garage setting, the floors should be allowed to age about seven days before moving a vehicle on top.

Well-installed industrial epoxy flooring is long lasting and easy to clean. Its reflective capacity will enhance visibility and safety. It can be cleaned with a mop at the end of the day and will maintain its appearance. It is easy to maintain and will enhance the value of the property.

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