Innovative Ideas for Garage Floors

There are many different ideas for garage floors. Some of these ideas concentrate on aesthetics, while others are designed to make the floor more functional. To determine which idea is best for your situation, you need to think about how you plan on using your garage.

Historically, the garage was constructed to house an automobile out of the elements. The first garages were actually barns and other outbuildings that a wall was knocked out of or a door was installed in. These garage floors were made of dirt and they worked just fine, until they got wet and muddy that was. To alleviated this problem gravel was often times spread on the surface to negate the effects of the rain water or snow melt.

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It really wasn’t until the advent of the attached garage that any other flooring was even considered. The suburban home usually had an attached garage with a concrete slab for the floor. This took care of the water issue and also offered a good surface for weekend repair men to work on their cars. But still there wasn’t much need for any type of a floor covering other than a sealer or maybe a mat laid under the car where it tended to leak.

In recent years the car has often times been moved out of the garage and this space is now used for everything from storage to living quarters. This has necessitated a completely different view of the floor because nobody to spend time on an ugly, gray, hard concrete surface. There are now all kinds of garage floor ideas that can be used to make the area attractive and or more functional.

If you have used your garage to create an in-law apartment, you need to think about both aesthetics and functionality. Assuming your car is not part of the design, you can cover the whole area with plush carpet, wood or other flooring common to most rooms. There is also the option of painting over the concrete. This look is not as elegant as the suggestions mentioned above, but it is still more attractive than bare concrete. Plus, if you use an anti-slip paint, your in-laws will not be able to fall as easily. They will also be able to maintain the floor with little difficulty, as painted concrete does not scratch or absorb spills.

Now, if your garage is being used as a workshop, you will want to focus more on functionality. Painted concrete would be appropriate in such a situation, though if you want a quicker alternative, consider putting down rubber flooring. Often distributed as tiles or rolls, garage rubber floors can be put down in less than a day, regardless of your handyman skills. In addition, they are durable enough to support both foot traffic and your car. This is especially the case with floors containing coin rolls, or little raised circles that are proliferated throughout the design. They look a little unusual for aesthetics, but they give the floor added traction.
Finally, if you use your garage as a party room, you want the most spectacular design. The reason why is because you want to create the feel of an escape. You want your guests to feel as if they have just gone out to a club, despite being in your house. With that said, consider using Rock carpet or stained concrete for your design. Rock carpet uses colorized pebbles to create the look of plush carpet, but with the feel of a hard surface. However, due to its composition, you are given more freedom with its design. An entertainer could imprint their logo into the middle of the floor, personalizing the design for both themselves and their guests. This is not to say one cannot do the same with stained concrete, but the look would be different. With stained concrete, your floors look more like marble, as the paint is infused within the concrete’s cells. Nothing is covered, as this design is intended to enhance what is already there.

In conclusion, when it comes to the various ideas for garage floors, you must choose which is best for YOU. In other words, choose garage flooring that is not only a good fit for your daily needs, but also appropriate for your budget and handyman ability.

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