How To Clean Laminate Floors Without Causing Damage To The Surface

The floor is one of the most conspicuous parts of every house. It is very visible to every visitor—probably the area that first catches their attention upon entering your abode. The flooring is also one of the most overworked portions of every home. It has to endure heavy foot traffic every single day on top of impact from furniture and packages being dragged over it. It also has to withstand natural elements such as heat and occasional moisture. At times, it also suffers from spillages from various liquids and corrosive chemicals which contribute to its daily wear and tear.

How To Clean Laminate FlooringBecause of its durability, convenience, and aesthetic appeal, laminate flooring is currently becoming a popular option among home owners. Laminate floors are a special type of flooring made by fusing together several layers of synthetic materials under high pressure. These layers are bonded with an adhesive through the lamination process.

Laminate Flooring Manufacturing Creates A Long Lasting Product

This type of flooring can simulate the appearance of hardwood, or sometimes stone, by using a high resolution photographic image of natural wood or stone as its outer layer. The inner core is usually composed of a layer of high density fiberboard and melamine resin to help protect your flooring from moisture. These materials are then given a clear finish with a coating made from special resin-coated cellulose to protect the laminate flooring from spills and dirt particles.

The biggest selling point of a laminate floor is its toughness and durability. Because of the layers upon layers of quality materials that it is made of, you can be sure that laminate flooring can endure the wear and tear caused by daily foot traffic, without suffering damage.

Laminate floors are also resistant to moisture and stains, and are not prone to fading when exposed to sunlight. Installation of this kind of flooring is really a breeze since it easily snaps together without the need for nailing, stapling or gluing—perfect for every do-it-yourself enthusiast. Best of all, laminate floors are cheaper than natural wood or stone floorings. This means with laminate flooring, you can get the same inviting look as these other materials, without hurting your wallet much.

Cleaning Of Laminate Floors

Despite its innate durability and resistance to dirt and spillage, laminate flooring still requires occasional maintenance and cleaning. If you plan to clean your laminate floor, the first thing to do is to prepare all the things you will need for the cleaning. Some of these materials are readily available in your home, such as a broom, a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment, a sponge mop and a bucket of clean, hot water. Some of them need to be bought from home improvement stores or grocery chains, most especially a laminate floor cleaner.

When you have all your tools in hand, you need to start off by sweeping the laminate flooring. This will initially rid the floor of dust and dirt particles. To get a cleaner surface, run the vacuum cleaner over the surface. You must also pay particular attention to the corners of the floor, since dust, dirt and even hair strands from pets usually gather in these areas.

After thoroughly sweeping or vacuuming the flooring, it is now time to apply the laminate flooring cleaner on a small portion of the floor. Since there are different brands and variations of these floor cleaners, be sure to read the labels carefully and follow the instructions on how to apply them. Do this using a damp sponge mop by running over the area where you applied the floor cleaner. Apply the cleaner by repeatedly making smooth, even strokes. Rinse the mop using clean water if needed while applying the floor cleaner. Also be mindful that if your mop has metal edges, it can scratch and damage the laminate flooring.

Some stains on the laminate floor, however, cannot be removed using water and floor cleaners alone. Below is a list of common household stains and tips on how to remove them:


  • Heel Marks: These pesky black marks can be removed by applying a mixture of white vinegar, rubbing alcohol, warm water and drops of dishwashing soap. Some of these marks can also be removed using simple pencil erasers.
  • Grease: Use an ice pack to make the grease stains hard. After this, use a plastic spoon or butter knife to gently scrape off the hardened grease. Use a regular window cleaner to clean remaining grease residue.
  • Ink: Use warm water and detergent on a rag. Use this rag to rub the stained area. Commercial ink removers are also available for heavier ink stains.
  • Chewing Gum: Scrap off the big part of the gum using a plastic knife or spoon. After this, wet a soft clothe with mineral spirits then rub the remaining particles.
  • Blood: Use a standard window cleaner to wipe out this kind of stain.

Aside from these tips on how to clean your laminate flooring, it is also important to place doormats outside the entrances to your house to minimize cleaning work. These doormats collect excess moisture, grit and corrosive substances, therefore helping to maintain the cleanliness of your flooring. The best kind of a mat is a rough one that acts as a scrubber as people walk over it. This can remove a lot of dirt and mud from someone’s shoes.

To avoid scratches on your laminate floors, you must also take some safety precautions. The most basic of these is the use of protective felt pads under furniture legs to prevent scratches on the flooring’s surface. Also avoid sliding or dragging heavy furniture on the floor.

Laminate flooring can definitely give your house a sophisticated, polished look made from durable materials, as long you regularly clean it and take measures to maintain it.

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