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Home legend flooring provides many flooring solutions for both the do it yourselfer and flooring contractors. The products they provide include bamboo (both laminate and solid), cork made from the residual material left after Wine Stopper production, hardwood flooring including Oak, Elm, and Mahogany as well as laminate flooring in many of these choices. All floors are easy to install and the support for installation and care is top notch.
Home Legend Flooring Installation
Depending on the particular product chosen the floor can either be a floating or it will be secured to the sub floor. The laminates are made to float which means a vapor barrier is laid down and then the individual floor pieces are snapped together. A rubber mallet is used to be sure the pieces are secured tightly. As the floor is constructed it turns into one huge piece. The weight of the flooring and the fact that it can’t really go any where keeps this monolith in place. The solid products are attached to the floor with either the hidden nail technique or with adhesive.
When installing the Home Legend engineered laminated products you need to leave a gap around the edges to allow for expansion and contraction. If you don’t do this you could have buckling or cracking problems. This gap can be hidden by the base board so it is not like you have an ugly strip around your room that does not have any flooring. Most of the flooring products are not recommended for below grade installation because of the possibility of moisture. This can cause the pieces to swell and buckle. Be sure you check this out before you buy any product.
Before installation of the flooring be sure to allow it to come into balance with the room environment it will be installed in. This means you need to unpack the material and let it sit in the room it will be installed in for a few days. This allows for moisture variation shrinking and expansion. It is best to sticker the pieces so they get ample air floor.
The laminate variety can easily be laid down in an afternoon for average size rooms with few odd angles. Of course if you have to fit corners it will take longer. Be sure to always overlap the ends so that you don’t get the ends of two side by side pieces next to each other. This helps to keep the flooring solid.
Home Legend bamboo flooring is a very economically sound product. Bamboo grows very fast and its use as building materials is becoming more and more popular as people worry about where the materials for their homes are sourced from. Legend offers both solid bamboo and engineered bamboo products. Both are durable, pre-finished, and easy to install. I think that flooring is a very good project for new do it yourselfers. If you choose the laminate type you have a hard time messing it up, it installs quickly, and you can really see the rewards of your hard work quickly.
Home Legend cork flooring is another very Green alternative as it is manufactured from the remnants of Wine Stopper production. But that is not all. Natural Cork is harvested every 7 to 10 years from the cork tree but it does not kill the tree when it is removed. Instead, the tree will just produce another layer of cork which can be harvested again in about a decade. This is a very fine renewable resource which also looks great and is environmentally friendly.
Home Legend laminate flooring is a great way to get started upgrading your home. With housing prices the way they are and the problems people have getting credit, it is really hard to trade up into another home so many people are upgrading what they have. A new floor can really make a huge difference when it comes to improving the looks of a room.

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