Heated Flooring

Heated Flooring Construction

Heated concrete flooring has become very popular with newly constructed homes which us a concrete slab for the main floor. It is based on the idea that heat rises. Usually the system consists of many plastic tubes which are laid out in the area that the concrete slab will be poured. Both ends of the tubing are then directed to one area in the home which is often times the utility room or the wash room. The system is then left alone until the concrete slab is poured and the rest of the house is framed up and the water and plumbing are done.
At this time the plumber will install a special hot water heater devoted only to this heating system. This water heater will heat the liquid that is then pumped or forced through the tubes which were laid out months before. The hotter the water that is pushed through the tubes, the warmer the floor becomes. After a short time the concrete slab actually gets warm and starts to radiate heat to the rest of the home. A thermostat is used to control the amount and temperature of the water that is pumped. Most of these systems utilize zone heating which means each room or area in the home can control the temperature just like any other heat source.
A very popular flooring option for this type of heating system is a polished concrete floor because there is nothing between your feet and the warmth of the floor slab. This is very cozy even on a cold winter night or when you come in with cold and wet feet from the rain or snow. In fact, originally this was about the only type of flooring option that was available but this has now changed.
Heated Wood Flooring
Many wood laminate flooring products can be installed over a heated floor system. There is a little bit of an insulating effect because of the wood laminate but it still can heat a home very nicely. Before you install wood over this type of system be sure to check with the manufacturer of the flooring. In floor heating

is not recommended for solid wood floors because of the uneven expansion and contraction that is found in different pieces of wood. This can cause the floor to buckle or crack which will mean replacement. A laminated product usually will have more uniform attributes and thus it is not a big deal. But, again, check with the manufacturer.
Heated Ceramic Flooring
One of the oldest floor heating mediums was tile. In fact, the famous Roman Baths of England used this sort of heating about 2000 years ago. There were ducts created in the floor through which warm water or warm air moved and heated the floor along with the rest of the bath structure. In fact, the city of Bath England is named after the Roman baths at this spot. Today the tiles are usually laid on a concrete slab that has the tubing already installed in it. As you can imagine, walking on warm floor tiles is a great comfort. Most heated bathroom flooring is of this construction because the tiles act as a waterproof flooring that guards against water spillage and splashing.
Heated Basement Flooring
Another area that is usually damp, cold, and clammy which can be warmed with in floor heating is the basement. Most basement floors are concrete and thus they are ready made for this type of system. The heat that is added to the basement floor will actually rise up to the next floor level and make it more comfortable.
But what if you aren’t pouring a new floor and you want to have heated flooring? One of the best options is electrical in floor heating. If you have a concrete slab already then you can install these heating elements on the surface and then cover them with a layer of quick set. Or, if you are going to use some other flooring you can lay out the heating elements and then cover with your laminate or carpeting. Be sure to check with the manufacturer of the flooring product to be sure that it is approved for in floor heating.
It is hard to beat heated flooring on a cold, damp night. The warmth of the floor just permeates up through your feet and makes you feel warm and cozy. You also don’t have to worry about cold spots in the room like you do with forced air or electric baseboards. The heat is much evener and uniform.

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