Garage Wall Covering Tips

Tips for Choosing the Best Garage Wall Covering For Concrete Walls
A garage wall covering is more aesthetically pleasing than bare concrete or concrete block. Yet, despite this fact, many homeowners fail to apply them to their walls. They either think that the coverings are unnecessary, or that the work is going to be too difficult. In truth, the difficulties of applying garage wall coverings depend on which one you get. Like anything else in garage design, some are extremely easy to install while others require more work.

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For beginning Do-It-Yourselfers, the easiest option for covering garage walls would involve painting over them. No drywall is needed, provided that you use garage paint. This is important, because unlike other paints, epoxy varieties form a type of shell over the surface. In turn, the wall gains another level of protection. It also makes the wall look smoother, provided that you use an airless sprayer. With a sprayer, you can get in between any cracks that might be in the concrete.

Wallpapering is another easy option for people with limited handyman ability. It is not easy as painting, because it is a multi-step process. After prepping the wall with wallpaper sizing, you must apply the covering based on the manufacturer’s instructions. If you fail to follow them properly, you will end up with “bubbles” on your wall. However, if you install the paper correctly, you will be treated to a more diverse design. With painting, there is only so much you can do. Talented painters can create embossments, but this goes beyond the skills of the average beginner. This makes wallpaper a good second choice for those wanting to achieve a more advanced design.

Finally, there is the option of building walls around your concrete. Drywall is the most obvious, but most drywall panels come without paint or decorations. If this is a problem, consider turning to wall paneling. The process of putting up wall panels is similar to dry walling, in that you will be installing the panels up against a wooden frame. However, the overall look is more appealing. Wall paneling come in a variety of styles, ranging from wood to ceramic tile. There is also slatwall, a type of paneling that looks similar to what you would see on the exterior of a house. When used inside, it creates a unique, organized look. Best of all, you can install hooks in between each section of the slatwall. With other wall paneling systems, you might get a more decorative look, but if you want to install hooks, you have to go through more advanced construction.

In conclusion, to create an attractive garage wall covering, you can either paint the surface, apply wallpaper or install a completely new wall. All of these options will work well with any type of garage, whether it is designed like an apartment or a workshop. You just have to choose which look best serves your purpose. If necessary, do not be afraid to combine different wall options. For example, if you have one section of your garage that serves as a sitting room, while another is your workshop, a slatwall-wallpaper combination would make your space look attractive while still maintaining its functionality. Indeed, you do not have to stick with one option if two or even three offer a better design.

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