Garage Interiors You Would See in a Model Home

Garage interiors are one of the main things that make model homes stand apart from regular ones. Unlike what comes standard in garages, well-designed interiors give the area vibrancy and life. They make you feel as if you are in a living room, and not a garage. However, not too many homeowners know of these designs. As a result, they may settle for interiors that are plain and boring. But if you have a little background knowledge on the subject, you will have the power to transform even the drabbest of interiors.

To begin this journey of knowledge, you should know that color is the most important element for the majority of garage interiors. The standard white wall and gray garage floor is not appropriate if you are trying to achieve a model home look. Instead, you will want to have at least one of those elements colored. Some interiors will contrast bolder hues; perhaps the walls remain white, but the floors are red. Others may leave the walls white but use staining or paint chips to create a mixture of hues within the floors. This creates a very unique look; similar to the floors you see in expensive office buildings. Of course, if you think commercial flooring is too gaudy, you can take the approach of covering up your concrete with a homier covering. The options for this alternative
range from garage carpet to rubber floor tiles.

Fixtures are another important element in well-designed garage interiors. The average garage usually contains a person’s car, and maybe a few boxes for storage. However, in a model home the garage would come alive with cabinets, peg boards and other fixtures you would see in a workshop. If the garage is designed as an apartment, you might see more unusual fixtures, such as toilets and kitchen sinks.

Finally, the best garage interiors assume that the area is a normal room. This is not to say that interior designers ignore the garage workshop; they just try to make it livelier. In other situations, they avoid the workshop altogether. You might want to use this approach if you are not a garage person. You can even consider replacing the garage door with something more traditional, though you will need to get the doors custom-made.

Conversely, if you are a garage person, you can create a livable space that shares the area with your car. In fact, some people use this to their advantage. With the “showroom” approach, the car becomes part of the design. In a more elaborate setup, platforms might be used to help integrate the vehicle into the room’s overall design. In other situations, homeowners might create a contrast by using a different color or design on the flooring underneath the car.

Garage interiors are an important element for any person who wants to add those finishing touches to their home’s design. Granted, how they initiate these designs depends on their motives. If they desire to use their garage as a workshop, they probably want to stick with something simple yet still serene. In contrast, if the garage is to be used as a living space, their design should match their interest. And in both situations, it is important that homeowners change their perceptions. The garage does not have to be wasted space. In fact, depending on how you design it, it could end up being more fascinating, as the very nature of the room allows for more creative expression. Since most garages are unfinished, you are given the freedom to give it the design YOU choose, and not what your builder thinks is best.

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