Garage Floor Treatment Guide

One of the best things you can do to spiff up your garage, and also raise the property value of your house, is to apply a garage floor treatment. This can range from a sealant all the way to an epoxy floor with color chips or designs. You can make it very fancy or you can make it plain and concentrate on the durability aspect of the floor. Either way, there are many different options available to you.

No matter what way you go the most part important part of the project will be the preparation of the subfloor. I will assume that you have a concrete base as this is what most garage floors are made of. If you have a wood floor you can use sealers and epoxies but be sure the floor is well supported so there is no give.

The first preparation step for the installation of a treatment for your garage floor coating is to clean the floor. Any foreign material that is left on the concrete can inhibit the bond of the garage floor covering and limit its useful life expectancy. A good degreaser should be used first to be sure that all the petroleum products have been lifted from the floor surface. You can check this with the water beading test. After you degrease the floor and scrub it with soap and water, apply a thin layer of water to the floor surface. The water should soak into the concrete and not bead on top. If it beads that means you need to spend more time cleaning as there is still something in the concrete which will inhibit the bond.

The next step is to patch any holes or cracks in the floor. This can be done with an epoxy floor patch which is available at your local hardware store or lumber yard. You can even buy this in a caulk tube and apply it with a caulking gun which works very well. Squirt the epoxy mixture into the crack and then use a stiff putty knife to work it in and smooth over the surface. This patch repair will need to cure before the garage floor coatings can be applied. Read the instructions to determine what the set and cure times are.

The final cleaning step is to wash the floor again but this time use a 10% muriatic acid and water mixture. This neutralizes the acids in the concrete and helps prepare the surface for bonding. Allow the floor to dry and then proceed with the application of the garage floor protection.

Note: If your concrete floor never dries out you may have a problem known as hydro-static pressure. This means water from the water table or an artisian well may be seeping through the concrete. An epoxy bond will not adhere if this water problem is present.

After the floor is prepared it is just a matter of mixing the garage floor epoxy or floor treatment and then rolling it out. Usually a 3/8 nap roller is used for this as it gives good coverage and will fill in any low spots. The cure time for different products may vary but usually within 18 hours to a day you can walk on the floor and the cure to hardness is usually done in 3 days.

If you want to do something to really make your garage look better and more professional, apply a garage floor treatment.

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