Garage Floor Stain

The best way to bring back your garage to an excellent condition is by staining the floor. Garage floor stain will provide your floor with a new look and feel altogether. You can choose from different kinds of stains which are available on the market today. You can find stains which can provide you with finishes which look like marble, hardwood, stepping stones, etc. You can either hire a professional for the purpose or even do it yourself. Before you stain you have to test the floor for sealant. If a sealer is present you have to remove it by using a grinder or shot blaster. If you don’t get the surface back to its original finish then no coating product will stick properly.

When the sealant is removed the next step is to clean the floor thoroughly. Start with sweeping followed by vacuuming the floor. Also do not forget to degrease it. Then rinse well using water and leave it to dry before the next step. After drying use an etching cleaner to open up all the pores on the floor so that it will accept the stain evenly. Let the floor remain wet while scrubbing. Wear all the necessary types of protective gear while doing this including gloves and eye protection. Using the etching solution scrub the floor well with a brush for about 10 minutes. The solution should be mixed with water in the ratio of 1:3. Rinse well with water and let it dry.

When the floor is dry you can apply the first coat. Before you apply the paint dilute one gallon of stain with 1 pint of water. Apply the stain in all corners and edges using a polyester or nylon bristled brush. Use a roller for applying the stain in a uniform manner in all other areas. For the second coat you can use the solution at full strength without diluting it. Apply this coat at a right angle to the roller direction of the first coat.

What you have to remember is that you have to wait for sometime after you have applied the first coat. If you are living in humid areas you will have to wait for longer time. If it is raining you can apply the second coat after about 24 hours as long as the garage has been dry.

When you leave the floor for drying after the second coat do not use the floor for other purposes or step on it. When the garage floor stain dries your garage floor will be transformed into a totally new and different area. In order to get an overall new look in your garage you can organize all the items in the proper manner and discard items which are not required inside the garage.

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