Garage Floor Painting Is An Easy Weekend Project

Sprucing up a garage is a great way to add extra space for working or storage to your home. Cleaning up the space so it is easy to work in and things are easily accessible adds valuable square footage to a home and makes it seem more inviting and well kept. Hanging yard tools, organizing nuts and bolts, and installing shelving units to house seasonal and decorative items is a great start to a garage makeover. Once you have organized, grouped and cleaned out what you do not need, take your remake up another level by tending to the floor. Most garage floors have seen lots of wear and tear and bear stains, scuffs and cracks that make the space seem dingy. Garage floor painting is a great way to refinish the floor without spending lots of time or money.

Garage floor painting is an easy to tackle task that can be done on a weekend with little time and financial investment. Many homeowners find painting their garage floor perks up the space and makes it cleaner and nicer to use and enjoy the benefits of doing it themselves and saving money versus hiring expensive flooring service providers.

Garage floor painting needs to be done on a clean, dry surface so be sure to thoroughly clean before you get started. Sweep the floor well and be sure to use a dust rag to clean the corners. After sweeping, use painter’s tape to mask off the wall where it joins the floor to avoid painting the walls as well. Now that the floor is clean, you are ready for the next step.

Next, use an etching compound to rough up the bare concrete so it can accept the paint. The etching compound should be worked over the floor with a stiff bristle broom and then washed away with clean water. After this step, the floor is primed and ready to receive paint.

Now you are ready to mix and apply the paint. An epoxy paint is ideal for garages as it offers a non slip surface and is durable and available in many colors. Epoxy comes in two canisters, one is the paint resin and the other is the hardener. Open both and mix the hardener into the paint, stirring well for at least three minutes. Never pour the resin into the hardener or you will get lumps. It will tend to start curing in a few minutes so don’t let it sit for very long before you paint the solution on.

Using a roller and a brush for corners and edges, apply the epoxy in even coats starting at the furthest corner and working your way towards the door. Epoxy sets up fast, so work quickly. As you complete each section, sprinkle the color flakes onto the surface so they adhere and provide traction. After all the sections have been painted and sprinkled, let them cure as noted in the instructions and then apply a top coat sealant and your new floor will be ready to use very quickly .

It is easy to take on garage floor painting as a weekend project. Visit your local home improvement center for tips, techniques, advice and products. In no time your garage will look like an automotive showroom.

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