Garage Floor Paint Preparation

There is one step to using a garage floor paint that you absolutely must get right. If you don’t follow these tips and do this correctly then you will not be happy with the results of your paint project. If you do prep the floor properly you can end up with a project that you will be proud of for years to come.
Following these steps for prepping the concrete floor before painting will almost guarantee that you will be successful. Don’t skimp on these steps if you want to end up with a painted floor that looks great and fulfills all your needs.
There are two parts to concrete floor prep when you are getting ready to apply any type of paint or other coating. You must remove are surface contamination and then you need to be sure the floor surface is suitable for adhesion of the product. Missing either of these will cause your coating to peel and scuff off.
Start by cleaning off all dirt and loose material from your floor. The best method for this is to use a power washer but not every body has one of these. You can also blow the material off or just sweep it. The next step is to get up any grease, oil, or other contaminants that may staining the floor. If you can see it then you will want to get rid of it because the stain will not allow the paint coating to adhere to the surface..
You can either use a degreaser mixed at 1 to 1 with hot water and then an etching agent. Or, you can use a product that combines both the etching and degreasing.
Either way works but using the combo product will speed up your job. Whether you use a premixed product or a straight etcher (this is usually meiotic acid) you wet the floor first and then using a pump sprayer apply the etcher in small patches such as 8’ X 8’ or 10’ X 10’. Once the solution has been sprayed on the next step is to scrub the etcher into the surface using a stiff bristle broom. An 18” floor broom works great for this because you can apply a lot of down pressure. Keep scrubbing until the foaming stops and then rinse by using a lot of water. The etcher is going to be acidic so be sure to wear goggles to keep it out of your eyes and also rubber gloves. Also, follow any other precautions on the package.
If no foaming occurs then you have a floor that already has a sealer coat on it. This will need to be removed before you can proceed with the etching and painting. Either use a shot blaster (sand blaster) or a diamond grinding wheel on a right angle grinder. You will need to remove all of the sealer.
If you already have paint or some other coating on the floor then you will need to remove all loose flakes and sand the surface with 120 grit sandpaper in order to allow the new product to adhere properly.
If the floor is prepped properly then it will feel rough like sand paper to the touch. Also, when you touch it your fingers should not feel oily or greasing. If so, you need to redo the degreasing and etching.
Now that the floor is prepared for the floor paint you just need to let it dry. A space heater will speed this up but if you don’t have one you can just let it air dry.

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