Garage Floor Ideas

The Best Garage Floor Ideas

Garage floor ideas are the ultimate secret to transforming your home’s most boring room. Unfortunately, most homeowners are not aware of these ideas. They believe that if a garage stays as such, your only option is bare concrete. However, in reality there are many options available for jazzing up your garage floor.

One of the easiest would involve applying a colored sealant onto your floor. Note that the keyword here is sealant, not paint. With sealant, your floors gain color and a glossy coat. Paint can only provide color, even if it is the best on the market. In addition, sealants create a barrier of protection over your concrete. This is all thanks to epoxy, a substance that solidifies after drying.

Another option could involve installing a whole new set of floors. You can get vinyl, rubber or tiled floors of any color, shape or design. Now how you decide which floor is best depends on your situation. For example, a black and white checkerboard pattern would work best for workshops or game rooms. In the meantime, white vinyl would work best for an elegant, old-fashioned sitting room.

Third on the list is stained concrete. Popular in the North, this style has been around since 1890. And as one would expect, the concept involves applying a special acid-based pigment to the concrete’s surface. It is more in-depth than painting, which hides the concrete’s texture. With staining, there is a chemical reaction which makes the pigment one with the concrete. The result of such a marriage is an extremely unique and beautiful design. In fact, when concrete is stained correctly, you end up with a floor that looks similar to marble or granite.

Fourthly, there is the option of installing rock carpeting. This is an ingenious new concept that uses rocks to create a carpet-like design. The floor itself would contain thousands of painted pebbles, which are organized in a specific pattern. The overall feel of such a floor is pretty much the same as any hard surface, however the look is more stunning.

Finally, you can create a mix-and-match of flooring. With this approach, you would section off the car area. Here, the floor could remain concrete. However, everywhere else you would have traditional wood or carpet. By doing things this way, you give your garage a friendlier feel while still maintaining its functionality.

In conclusion, garage floor ideas are essential for those wanting to achieve a model home design. The options mentioned above will get you started, but you will have to take the initiative when it comes to picking colors and designs. If you need help, consider using Google Images to research other people’s designs. You will be amazed at their level of creativity… creativity you can also use for your own garage.

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