Garage Floor Epoxy Coating

If you are looking for a floor covering there are many options but one of the most durable and best wearing is a garage floor epoxy coating which can easily be applied in one weekend.  There are other options of course, like floor mats and standard garage floor paint, but if you want something that will stand the test of time the you really should look towards an epoxy floor covering.  You can very easily do it yourself or you can have it applied by a contractor, either way you end up with a hard, good finish that will really make your garage snap and will be much easier to clean after your next car project.

An epoxy is made of two substances which are mixed together and then create a chemical reaction which actually molecularly bonds each other together and to the floor.  The first part, called the resin, is mixed with the second part, the hardener, and then they are brushed or rolled out onto the surface which is being coated.  As it cures the mixture gets hard and also it bonds to the concrete surface it is applied to.  The bond can’t really be broken under normal terms so there is no worry about spilling oil or any other liquids.  It just washes away.

Floor Preparation For A Garage Floor Epoxy Coating

The first step to applying the garage floor coating is to prepare the existing floor surface.  This is really the most important part of the entire process as a poorly prepared surface will not allow bonding and thus the epoxy can peel up or flake off within a very short time.  You start with a good brooming and washing with soap and water to get off all the visible dirt.  Next you want to be sure there is no petroleum residue on the surface of the garage floor because oils will not allow bonding.  The best way to do this is with the water beading test.  Spray a light covering of water on the floor and watch what happens.  The water should slightly soak into the concrete or wash off if there is a slope.  You should not see beads of water.  If there are beads this indicates that area still has some grease or oil on it and it is not allowing the surface tension of the water to dissipate.  Mark these areas of beading and apply a good degreaser.  You will usually need to scrub the degreaser in and a standard 18 inch floor broom works well for this.  Most degreasers are applied with water so they are easy to rinse off when done.

After you have decreased all the areas that showed beading do the test again to make sure you got it all.  If there is no beading then it is time to move on to the next step.  You need to rough the surface of the concrete to help with adhesion of the epoxy.  This is done with a light acid solution can find at your local home improvement store.  This acid wash causes small, microscopic pits in the floor surface which allows for the epoxy to bond better.  Be sure to wash any excess off with lots of water to dilute the acid wash down even more.  Also be careful it does not get on vegetation as this could be a problem.

Once your floor is cleaned and prepared let it sit over night to completely dry.  Epoxies do not like to be applied in moist conditions as it interferes with the set up.

Applying The Garage Floor Epoxy Coating

OK, it is the next morning and you are ready to go.  You should have determined the area to be covered and purchased your epoxy coating material already.  Start by mixing a small batch which will cover about 6 square feet at a time.  If you try to mix too much it will start to harden before you can get it spread out and this does not work very well at all.  You are much better off to do several small amounts and have plenty of time to roll it out before it gets hard.  As it cures there will be lumps that form in the liquid mixture and these are very difficult to work with.

Use a nap roller to roll the mixture out on the floor.  Start in the back corner and apply a couple of batches.  Then you should have non-slip material to spread out.  Do this while you have only part of the floor covered.  If you wait till the entire floor is done it will be hard to broadcast the material evenly toward the back.  You want to nice uniform spreading because this will look better and it will offer traction without any bare spots.  You can also spread paint chips at this time if you have decided to add a complimentary color to the surface.  Many people are choosing a colored epoxy floor covering and then applying complimentary colored paint chips over the base.

Continue to work in small batches until the entire floor is done.  Now you need to be sure the temperature stays warm enough for curing.  If need be you can use a small heater in the room to keep the temperature up.  This project is really better done in the warmer months so you can leave windows open for ventilation because there are usually volatile organic compounds that are present as the epoxy cures.

If you do leave the windows open be sure to keep any dust or leaves away because if they land on the floor before it is cured it can affect the surface and it will stay there forever.  Also, be sure the cat doesn’t try to walk across the floor.  They may get stuck and at least you will have kitty foot prints on the surface.

Normally the floor can be walked on in about 18 hours but you shouldn’t drive on it for about 3 days.  After this time the floor will have cured and it will support vehicular traffic.  A garage floor epoxy coating is a great addition to any garage and as you can see it is very easy to apply. Plan your project today.

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