Garage Floor Coating With Epoxy

One of the best garage floor coating materials is an epoxy based product. This gives a very tough and durable surface which will withstand most wear and tear associated with a garage floor. This includes such things as abrasion resistance and chemical resistance including petroleum (oil, gasoline, diesel) and many there common chemicals found in an automotive shop such as brake fluid and antifreeze. If applied correctly, and a good product is used, you can expect your treated floor to last over 10 years.

One key to keeping your coated floor in good shape is to protect it from mechanical damage. Even though an epoxy coated floor will be quite tough it can be chipped and scraped by sharp objects. For example, if you drag a car across the floor with a sharp piece of the undercarriage scraping the floor it will damage the epoxy. Or, if you have rocks and other sharp objects lay about and continually drive over them you can damage the garage floor coating. It is important to keep the floor fairly clean in order to protect the surface.

Epoxy is a thermosetting polymer which means it is formed when two products react. The two parts of the epoxy system are the epoxide also called the resin and the polyamine or hardener. The two parts of the system must be kept separate until it is time to apply the garage floor coating. Once the floor is prepared the resin and the hardener are mixed together and then applied to the garage floor.

The action of the epoxy system is used in many applications that require a tough, durable finish. They are also used as adhesives and for composite based materials which are used for carbon fiber and fiberglass reinforcements. Epoxy is copolymer because it is formed from two different chemicals. Different chemistries of epoxies can have a dramatic effect on such things as cure time. Epoxies are known for the chemical and heat resistance and also their excellent adhesion properties. Unlike concrete paint which sits on the surface, an epoxy will actually bond with the concrete. These facts make epoxy a great choice as a coating for garage floors and these are the problems that are generally seen on a floor system. They also have very good electrical insulating properties but of course this is not as important when dealing with a floor coating.

Preparation is very important if you want to get a good result with your garage floor epoxy coating. Although an epoxy covered garage floor is pretty much trouble free it is important that the application instructions are followed to a T. The most important part of the application is being sure there are no agents left on the subfloor that would stop adhesion. The water bead test is usually used to determine if there is a substance that needs to be cleaned further. Wet the concrete floor with a hose and then see if the water beads. In general, a clean concrete floor will allow the water to absorb but one which is contaminated with such things as oil will bead the water up. The [garage floor coating] is going to be water based and the water helps it to soak into and thus stick to the concrete. If there is something on the subfloor that does not allow this to happen then epoxy will not bond properly and you will have bubbling or lift over time.

The best way to clean concrete that is contaminated with oil or other materials is with a degreaser and then the use of a weak acid wash. This is not the same thing as acid washed concrete because a strong acid will actually weaken the surface and cause it to chip and flake. You don’t want this because you need to have the subfloor solid in order for the epoxy to stick.

A weak acid wash is made with 10% muriatic acid mixed with water. This solution is then applied with a mop and then rinsed thoroughly. It is very important that you do not allow the acid solution to dry on the concrete. This wash also helps to balance the ph of the concrete to allow the epoxy to bond more effectively. Even a newer floor that shows no beading problems should be cleaned with this solution in order to balance the ph.

Epoxy garage floor coatings have been used for years in professional automotive, truck, and equipment shops. They have also been used in many other industrial applications which need a hard surface that is durable and easy to maintain. Now they are available as a floor coating in the garage of do it yourselfers.

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