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Epoxy Shield Garage Epoxy Floor Coating

The best type of covering for a garage floor is an epoxy paint. This type of finish is used by most homeowners as it lasts a long time and requires minimal upkeep. You can buy the paint in one of three varieties. One hundred percent epoxy is a premium paint, which is used by many commercial painters. This type of paint will dry exceptionally fast, which can make it an inconvenient choice for some homeowners and do-it-yourselfers. Although the coverage of 100% garage epoxy paint is superior, it’s still better to select epoxies that are solvent or water-based and that provide less in the way of solid content.

Spic-and-Span Clean

Once you’ve decided on what garage epoxy coating formula to use, you’ll need to prep the area where you will be applying the paint. Therefore, you’ll have to make sure that all dirt, grime, oil and grease is cleansed away and vacuumed from the cement. Also, cracks or holes in the concrete need to be filled in and sanded. Prepping any area is required before a paint job as not doing so will result in paint and maintenance issues down the road.

Well Worth the Amount you Spend

There are a number of advantages for choosing to apply epoxy paint in your garage. Not only is the finish hard as nails, it makes a striking appearance when used on any garage floor. Therefore, garage epoxy floors are well worth the money when you review their overall benefits. For instance:

* -The application takes no time at all – epoxy paint dries in a short amount of time (under a day)

* -Paints of this type are resistant to such annoyances as salt, oil, tire marks, grease and chemical and cleaning solvents.

* -The paint has a thicker viscosity than other kinds of paints.

Garage Epoxy is a Reliable Choice with One Exception

As you can see, when it comes to giving your garage a whole new look, a garage epoxy floor coating paint is the better choice. However, there are some situations where you cannot use a paint made of epoxy. For example, if you have a cement floor which is often affected by moisture or humidity, then you’ll need to look at restoring the looks of your floor with another kind of product.  For most people, though, epoxy paints are reliable finishes for any garage floor that could use a bit of improvement in its appearance.

Paint in Areas that are Well-ventilated

When you paint your floor with epoxy too, make sure that the garage is well-ventilated. Fumes from the paint can be dangerous to one’s health. After you’ve completed painting the floor, keep the air circulating for about an hour and a half to ensure that the paint dries well and the fumes are minimized.

Use the above information and start making your own floor upgrades.

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