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The best garage design ideas use two approaches. The first idea attempts to create a design with a car already in the garage. To implement such an approach, you need a relatively large space. If your space is limited, you should consider the second idea: creating a whole new room with your garage space. With this approach, your car is housed outside, giving you the freedom to transform your garage into a regular room.

For the first design idea, where your car remains in your garage, you must create two zones of space. The first zone encompasses your car area. Within this zone, you want to make an appropriate space for your car while still making its presence somewhat stylish. Rubber flooring or painted cement is recommended, as they greatly accentuate the floor beneath. You can also create a border of sorts around the car. This border could be an actual wall or a series of decorations.

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The second zone is any area surrounding the car. The flooring should be wood or carpet… whichever you prefer. For the actual design, most homeowners try to turn the garage into an “escape” of sorts. How you implement this escape depends on your own motives. If you would prefer a workspace, you would need to surround the empty areas with work benches, tool boxes and cabinetry. You can also install a flat-screen television if you would like to look at T.V. while working.

Others prefer to create an escape where they can work and play. Should you decide to go with this approach, you need to have one section designated for work and another section designed like a rec room. The rec room area would have old-fashioned arcade games, a projection television for movies and even a pool table. Of course, if this proves to be too much excitement, consider building another privacy wall between the rec room and your work area. This way your kids can enjoy themselves without disturbing you.

Now if you opt for the second garage design idea, where your car is removed from the area, you have more choices available. You can follow the suggestions mentioned above or you could create a garage apartment. Many people do this when they want to create an extra bedroom for in-laws or even renters. However, you must still use the concept of zones if you want to successfully create the apartment feel. In this case, one zone would contain the bedroom area, another the bathroom and then finally the kitchen and living room areas. Additional zones can be created if you decide to build an upstairs area. In fact, there are some designs that rely so much on the upstairs space, the garage portion gets ignored. In turn, homeowners get the best of both worlds as they can use their garages like normal. Just keep in mind that creating an upstairs area requires very advanced carpentry skills.

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In conclusion, the best garage design ideas are able to revitalize a rather unusual space. The ones that create designs around the car are the most striking, but the others also serve their purpose. Either way, by redesigning your garage you are doing great things for both yourself and your house. For yourself, you create more space; for your house you increase your property value. Indeed, no matter how you look at it, redesigning your garage creates a win-win situation. So if you are tired of having your tools all heaped around instead of organized so you can get to them, or if your spouse said the garage will get cleaned NOW, then take a look at some of the ideas we provide here. You never know how great your garage can be until you try.

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