Garage Apartment Plans

If you are looking for design ideas then these books are a great place to start.

If you are interested in creating a separate living space, you should research different ideas on utilizing the space you have. The proper renovation of a garage structure can turn a boring, drab space into one that is stylish and comfortable. It also creates a –semi-independent unit, an arrangement that works well for in-laws, adult children and even renters. However, with so many designs out there, you need to find a way to narrow all your choices down. A checklist offers the best method of doing this, though if you are completely new to garage designs, you may not know what your list should include. As in all home repair projects you will be much happier with the results the longer you spend actually planning your project. This apartment something that will last a long time.

A Basic Checklist for Garage Apartment Plans

1) Size – In the United States, the average apartment size is around 800 square feet. At these dimensions, you are looking at a very small studio. On top of that, you must also factor in space for your car if you plan to still park it under cover. Assuming your vehicle is of an average size, you need a space that is at least 12 x 24 in width and depth. If your land cannot accommodate these dimensions with a basic attachment, you may have to utilize an apartment-over design, where the living quarters sit above the garage.

2) Cost – Garage attachments are expensive. The average design usually exceeds $60 per square foot, though you can get it as low as $20 if you decide to do some of the work yourself or by making some cost cutting changes. For example, instead of designing a walkway to a semi-detached garage, opt for a fully attached structure. With this approach, a connection is made from an existing wall, which saves on labor and materials. The same is also true if you order your materials from a prefab kit, where every element of construction is already measured and cut.

3) Fixtures – Most people will have limited space for their garages, even if they are building a detached structure. With that said, you want to use fixtures for creating storage areas. Closets, shelving and cabinetry are the most common examples, though if you are creating a workshop area you should also get hooks and peg boards for your tools.

4) Attached vs. Detached – While the media often promotes the attached garage, there are many apartment designs available for detached versions. These varieties could consist of the garage and an upstairs apartment, or an actual house-like structure. The latter is a good option for individuals interested in subletting their property. And the reason why is obvious; with a detached unit, tenants feel they have access to their own personal space.

5) Legislation – If you are renting out your space, you might be required to add a kitchen and a bathroom. The law may not care if the tenant is family, and/or if the garage is directly attached to your home but you do have to follow all building codes and get a permit. Sometimes the rules may seem unnecessary but they are put in the code for your protection. In the long run you will be better off by doing everything by the book.

In summary, before you purchase a set of garage apartment plans, think about the factors listed above. While they may appear simple, these considerations will determine whether or not a particular plan is best for your situation.

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