Adding Garage Additions To Homes

What You Should Know About Garage Additions

Garage additions are the perfect solution for adding space to your home. Through these structures, you protect your car while giving yourself extra room for workshops, guest bedrooms or in-law suites. There is even the possibility of making money from your garage, if you get one designed like a house. In such a situation, your tenant would have access to their own area… one that would actually be better than an apartment. Indeed, there is no end to what you can do with decent garage ideas for an attachment. However, like anything else, before you can realize these benefits, you have to go through a planning process.

To begin this process, you must determine if you are going to get a modular garage or a customized version. Modular garages are pre-built structures that require no construction on your part. They come in the same styles and designs as customized versions, but they are ALWAYS detached structures. To attach them to your house you would need additional construction work, which would then push them into the “customized” category. And while this is not a bad thing, if you are going to create a customized garage, you might want to start from scratch, (as you would be given more creative freedom).

In any case, when going the customized route, you must create a blueprint for your new garage. This would include garage apartment plans if that is part of what you want in the addition. A plethora of these can be bought online, but you might have more fun creating them yourself. You can do this through software or even pen and paper. Either way, you should have a basic knowledge of the different types of garage designs. They are as follows:

1. Cape Cod – With this design, you will have gabled windows in the garage’s roof.

2. Garden Room – On one side of the structure, there is the traditional garage; on the other side, there is a large room. If the owner gets a detached version of this design, the garage will look like a separate house from the outside.

3. High Bay – These garages have a higher than normal roofing structure. They work well for people with RVs, boats and even trucks.

4. The Second House – Garages that take this approach are large enough to function as a second house altogether. Carriage houses, Salt Boxes, Dutch Gambrels and barn-like styles all fall in this category. Their looks reflect their namesake.

5. Blended – With a blended approach, the garage becomes an extension of the main house. The actual design matches the main structure. This does not mean you cannot have variances inside the house. In fact, there are blended structures that have upstairs apartments, garden rooms and other additions often found in the choices above. The only characteristic that really makes it different is its exterior design.

Now be aware that all of these designs come with the same variances. You could have 1, 2 or 3-car garages. The doors could be manual or automatic. There can be a bathroom and/or an upstairs addition. There could be a workshop either alongside the car area, or in a separate section all its own. You also have the option of having windows and exit doors anywhere you want.

Anyway, after you have decided on your design, you need to give your plans to a subcontractor. Do not worry if your blueprints look primitive. The subcontractor will be able to convert them into a more usable form. The main thing is that they understand what you want.

Next, you need to go to get a copy of your “official” blueprints, and go to the courthouse. In most jurisdictions, you will need a building permit before you can add a garage attachment. If you have your blueprints in hand, you should get approved faster.

Once your blueprints have been approved, the subcontractor can begin work on your structure. The time frame for completion will depend on your design, but in general, garage additions can be built faster if you are customizing a modular design or using a prefabricated garage kit. If this is not an option, you may have to wait a week or two before your design is complete.

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