Fabulous Basement Floor Options

Finishing a basement can involve a lot of thought and shopping for just the right option. One aspect of basement finishing that cannot be overlooked is the flooring. Basement flooring can come in a variety of options and it is important to weigh all of the pros and cons before finishing your floor.

Carpet is by far the most popular choice for basements. Carpet is a nice option because you can truly customize and choose exactly what you want. Carpet comes in a virtual rainbow of colors and patterns. It also comes in a variety of lengths and piles. You can easily find that funky purple shag or that basic off white with an average pile. Carpets are a nice option for a basement as they tend to insulate for the often cold sub level of your house and they can be easily customized to match any household decor. Carpet also cradles your feet and can provide a warming feeling on a colder day. The downside of carpets is they tend to be dust, stain and dirt collectors. Although there are many products on the market that boast of stain lifting, some carpet spills just cannot be cleaned without a professional.

Wood flooring is always an option as well. Wood floors always look classy and they can be easily installed in any basement. Using wood for your basement floors creates a high-class look. Wood comes in a variety of finishes from the basic oak to the trendy African bamboo. Wood is easily cleaned and many products exist today to keep your wood healthy and looking great for years to come. Wood does not have the insulating powers of carpet but the base of the floor can be insulated to combat this.

Tile is another option for basement floors. Tile is easily cleaned and easily adaptable into all decors. Tile comes in many sizes and colors and modern tile manufacturers can supply a product that will totally suit your individual needs. Tiles for floors are typically twelve by twelve inches but modern trends for flooring are leaning toward larger, more encompassing tile pieces. Tile does not provide the warmth of carpet but can look classy in any basement.

While finishing a typical basement the flooring you chose will make a huge difference. Flooring can be warm, trendy and a reflection of your tastes. A quality floor will add to your decor and make your family and guests feel comforted.

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