Everything You Need To Know About Blackboard Paint

Blackboard paint is a great tool for those of you who are looking to change things up. Even better is how easy it is to buy and find. Many people can spend hours if not days looking for the just the right paint color, with blackboard paint you can simply walk into most home improvement and crafts stores to pick up a can or two.

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Even though you can walk in and pick up a gallon or two of paint at most home improvement stores, you want to make sure you buy the best blackboard paint. Many people have never used this kind of paint, so they have no idea on what brands are the best. When using this type of paint you want the best because it ensures that the job is done right the first time, buying the cheapest stuff or even the no name brand often means spending hours redoing your hard work. Rust-Oleum is the best blackboard paint around, and is sold in just about every home improvement store around.

Does Blackboard Paint Only Come In Black

When you think of blackboards, you automatically think of the blackboards you saw in your school days. However, blackboard paint does not just come in black; it comes in a variety of colors. You can even mix various colors together to create just the right shade of a certain color.

Want your blackboard paint to match your current color scheme, then forget the store bought stuff and make your own. To make your own you will need .5 volumes tile grout, 3 volumes acrylic primer, 1.5 volumes water-based glaze medium (colored to your desire). To begin thoroughly mix the primer and glaze in a large enough bowl. Add the tile grout to the mixture using a kitchen sieve, and then stir. Viola you are done and ready to paint your new chalkboard.

Blackboard Paint Ideas

Are you itching to do something new in the house? Blackboard paint for walls is a fun and easy way to turn your old boring walls into something new and exciting. But even better is that blackboard paint can be used for more than just walls, there are a ton of ideas that you can use to spice up your home.

Black Board Paint Wall Calendar

Desk calendars are often not big enough to keep track of everything that needs to be done or if they are they simply take up too much room. Rather than worrying about cluttering up your desk or not having enough room on the calendar use a painted blackboard to turn a section of your wall into a calendar. Not only is this idea fun, it is also easy to do. To turn the wall into a calendar tape off the area that you wish to convert. Use black blackboard paint for the base coat. Next tape off squares to form a checkerboard style, how many days you want to include is up to you. Mix some black and white blackboard paint together to form a grayish color and paint every other square with the new color.

Make A Backsplash For Writing Notes

Want to change up your kitchen décor whenever you please, easy add a backsplash using blackboard paint. Having a write on backsplash gives you a surface area that you can write on when needed, great for recipes you are following while you are cooking, no more going back and forth with the cookbook. Or you can use colored chalk to draw in your own designs giving your kitchen a bright new look every time you get a whim.

Message Boards Made With Blackboard Paint

What better way to keep track of notes and reminders than by having a built in message board, no more having to scramble for a piece of paper and a pen. Even better is you can create a message board in a variety of different ways. Paint the inside of the kitchen cupboard door, the pantry door, a section of wall, or even an old wooden tray. Message boards can be put anywhere they are needed with blackboard paint. Even better, you can use magnetic blackboard paint to create your message board that allows you to hang notes, as well as write them!

Preparing The Surface For Painting

No matter what you plan on doing with this paint, you need to prepare the surface. Blackboard paint is a bit more sensitive than regular paint, meaning it will show any imperfection in the surface being painted therefore you want to have a 100% smooth surface. Not to mention having a perfectly smooth surface makes it easier to write!

The first thing that must be done is mudding any holes or cracks. Allow the mud to dry for at least 24 hours and then sand down until smooth. Sometimes it takes more than one layer of mud to achieve a smooth surface, so apply the dry wall material until you have the smooth surface you desire. Once the sanding has been done, take a clean rag and a mild cleaning agent mixed with warm water to wash down the walls, this removes any residue that is left on the surface.

Now you are ready to paint the surface. The first step to painting with this specialty paint is to apply a coat of primer. Once the primer is dry, you can begin applying the blackboard paint. During the application of blackboard paint, you will want to stir the paint gently every time you use it, so before dipping your brush in, swirl the paint around. For best results, you will want to apply three coats of blackboard paint and make sure to sand in between each coat. Always let the paint dry before sanding. Twenty-four hours after you have applied your last coat your surface is good to go, so get drawing!

Removing Blackboard Paint From A Surface

No matter how great blackboard paint is there is going to come a time when you have to remove it. Unfortunately removing it is not as simple as painting over the stuff with another coat of paint, but removing it does not require the use of any harsh chemicals.

To start removing the paint you will need to wash down the blackboard area with warm water. This removes any residue that is left on the wall from the chalk. Once you have washed down the section, take a dry cloth, and dry the area. Allow the area to air dry as well before moving onto the next step.

Once you have decided what color you will be painting the wall you will want to purchase a gallon or two of primer that works best for the color you have chosen. Apply two coats of primer over the section you will be painting, remember to allow each coat to thoroughly dry before applying the next coat.

Now you can paint the wall, how many coats of paint you will need to use will vary based on the color, lighter colors will most likely require more coats. Apply the first coat of paint and allow to dry for about an hour then apply a second coat of paint. If the black or green color from the blackboard paint is no longer visible when you apply this coat you should be fine. If after applying the second coat the paint is still visible, wait another hour and apply a third coat. Repeat this process until the blackboard paint is no longer visible. Just remember you want to paint the entire wall, not just the section that is coated with blackboard paint!

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