Different Brazilian Exotic Flooring Choices For Your Home

More and more people are opting for hardwood floors over carpet these days. One of the main reasons behind this choice is how easy hardwood floors are to maintain, even if you opt for exotic wood flooring. The other reason people prefer hardwood floors to carpet is simply for their looks, hardwood floors are beautiful to look at, and the Brazilian woods are even better.

Like other hardwood floor types Brazilian hardwood floors come in many choices, among the most popular are Cherry, Walnut, Teak, and Koa. With the different choices, it can be rather daunting to pick the right flooring for your home. Knowing a bit more about the specific type of floor can help you make the right decision.

Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Floors

When it comes to exotic flooring Brazilian Cherry hardwood floors are the most popular choice mainly because of how thick they are, but there are many other benefits that you as a homeowner will experience. Compared to other hardwood floor types Brazilian Cherry hardwood floors are thicker. What this means for you as a homeowner is you can sand the floor more times than you can with other hardwood floor types. Something else to keep in mind is that the thicker the floor the more energy efficient it is, making Brazilian Cherry floors the highest ranked.

Another reason homeowners choose Brazilian Cherry hardwood floors is because of beautiful they are, as well as how durable they are. Brazilian cherry floors are a reddish-brown color with black streaks. When they are first installed, these floors are among the most eye-catching, but over time as the floor wears out the black streaks fade. One of the best things about the color and texture of this flooring type is that it can be used in both formal and informal rooms, so installing this style in your entire house is a viable option. Brazilian cherry floors are among the most durable, they rank higher on the hardness scale than any other hardwood flooring type and they are resistant to most scuffs and dents, but that does not mean your floor will never be damaged.

Brazilian Walnut Hardwood Floors

While Brazilian Walnut hardwood floors are not the most popular choice, they do come in a close second. One of the biggest reasons homeowners opt for Brazilian Walnut hardwood floors is because of how stable they are. When opting for hardwood floors you want to choose a type that is what professionals call stable, meaning that there is a minimal chance that the wood will warp or change color after treatment and drying.

Like Brazilian cherry, Brazilian Walnut hardwood floors are extremely durable, they are resistant to just about every scuff and dent you can imagine. Many offices opt for Brazilian Walnut hardwood floors due to their hardness, high heels and handcarts can repeatedly cross the surface without leaving behind any kind of marks. However, this does not mean that you can go and scrape a key or knife across your newly installed floors; they can become dammed just not as easily as other hardwood floors. As an added bonus, Brazilian Walnut floors do not sliver as easily as other types, so no longer do you have to worry about going barefoot across the house.

Something else that really stands out with Brazilian Walnut hardwood floors is the natural beauty. Many people fall in love with its darker color, which allows it to work well in a variety of rooms. The darker color is great in formal rooms because it adds a touch of elegance, but at the same time, it can be placed in an informal room because the darker color makes the room feel cozy and warm.

Brazilian Teak Hardwood Floors

Brazilian teak floors are a popular choice in homes because of their looks, the colors range from a golden to amber color. One of the great things about the colors of this wood is how well they work in a room. You can pick the perfect shade and texture for just about every furniture style around. The various colors and textures also make it a perfect fit for any room in the house.

However, just like other Brazilian hardwood options Brazilian Teak is one of the hardest woods you will find. On the Janka scale it rates at a 3500. With a rating this high you can rest assured the flooring is going to stand up to some of the toughest abuse. Not only will it stand up to a lot of abuse, getting it to look its best does not require a lot of work. Simply wiping the floor with a soft, clean cloth will restore the woods natural shine, no chemicals needed!

One thing that allows Brazilian teak to stand out from other Brazilian woods is its ability to resist stains. Not only is it highly resistant to stains, but it also repels water quite well. The reason behind both of these facts is the oil content in the wood, Brazilian teak has a high oil content so the oil naturally repels water and stains. As they say, oil and water do not mix!

Brazilian Koa Hardwood Floors

Brazilian Koa floors are a reddish-brown color, so they are similar to Brazilian Cherry floors. The biggest difference between the two is that the Brazilian Koa has dark brown markings rather than black like the Brazilian Cherry floors. Something else that adds to the beauty of Brazilian Koa floors is the irregular grain, which along with the amazing colors screams for attention!

Like other Brazilian hardwood floors, Koa is one of the most durable options. Brazilian Koa has a hardness rating of 1850, making it more durable than red oak floors. With a rating that high, you can rest assured that the floor will stand up to everyday wear and tear. Dropped toys or even books often leave dents and dings in softer wood, such as red oak, but Brazilian Koa will not only withstand the hardest of toys, your pets nails will not be able to scratch it!

No matter what type of Brazilian hardwood flooring option you choose you will want to allow the wood to sit in the room it will be installed in for several days. The reason for this is so the wood can adjust to the humidity ion the room. Brazilian wood is used to a higher humidity than most houses provide, so letting it adjust on its own lowers the chance of the floor warping or shrinking after it has been installed.

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