Different Anti-slip Mats for Your Different Needs

About 14% of slips and falls take place on flat surfaces. Giving protection against slips and injuries to your household members, visitors and yourself is a responsibility that should not be taken for granted. That’s why it is recommended to use anti-slip mats on areas where slips are most likely to happen. Mats are often placed on wet areas like bathrooms, kitchens, locker areas, garages and any place where grease can slick and water can drip. Different mats are created to fit the different needs of these areas.

There is a wide-range selection of non-slip mats. All these mats are made to drain liquid and add traction to the surface. These mats are available in different styles and colors to add a good impression to the space. Some mats are made for entrances and are designed to be rough so as to remove soil from your shoes and sometimes these mats are customized with welcome messages or the company’s logo. Some mats are designed to handle heavy equipment that can roll over them. They are usually designed to keep flat so there will be no stumbling or tripping as the uneven surface could be a trip hazard..

Other mats are made of soft but durable PVC material and these are often used on bathrooms. These can absorb 93% of the impact from any fall so it lessens the risk of injuries. On the other hand, mats that are made of very tough and recycled PVC are for wet and dry industrial areas. The studded surface and the added holes for drainage prevent any slipping accidents. There are also special mats that are treated using anti-microbial solutions since they are used in hospitals and food establishments. However, all these mats are also collector of the unwanted dirt and dust and, sometimes, dust mites that can trigger allergies.

That’s why it is also important to take some time in properly cleaning the floor mats. If you are just going to use a vacuum cleaner, only ten percent of the dirt is eliminated while 90% is left behind. The remaining dirt can intensify the allergies of a person especially if the area is closed and air conditioned. To avoid this, all kinds of mats should be properly sanitized.

You can hire mat rental shops to do the cleaning for you. You can also rent mats from these shops so you can regularly replace the mats in your space and choose another one from their collections. The best part is the mats are professionally cleaned so you are sure that the rented mats are free from dust mites and dirt.

Mats are really important to make your floors safer and better looking. There are a lot of available anti-slip mats depending on what you need. Also, it is important that you clean your mats regularly and properly to avoid any health problems.

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