Concrete Waterproof Sealer

How to Use Concrete Waterproof Sealer

If you do not want your concrete surface to suffer premature failure, you need to learn how to use a concrete waterproof sealer. This is a substance that closes up the tiny cracks and fishers in the surface. Depending on its chemical structure, the sealer will either cover the opening with a thick film, or it will solidify itself within the concrete’s pores. The results are the same either way: no leaks, cracks or efflorescence…the three consequences that occur when concrete is not properly waterproofed.

With that said, you are probably wondering how the waterproofing process works. Well, first you must buy the right kind of sealer. If you want to give your floors a glossy appearance, get the kind that forms a film over the concrete. This is called a topical sealant and provides a layer of protection on the surface.

Conversely, if you do not want to add luster, stick with a matte sealer. This type of sealant will use “layering” in the sealing process. With this approach, one portion of the chemical stabilizes the concrete while the other portion seals it. In turn, the layers from within the sealer form a buffer zone against shock and pressure. In other words, your concrete will be able to handle a greater amount of stresses.

For application, you have two options. You could either apply the substance with a paint roller, or you could spray it onto your concrete. The latter tends to be a more popular for obvious reasons. It is quick, easy and requires no painting expertise. However, since the fumes are toxic, make sure you have on a mask if you use this method.

As far as prepping, you should make sure the area is clean and free of any existing paint or sealer. And if you are a building a house, you want to wait at least a month before you apply the chemical over a “green” concrete slab. Otherwise, it may interfere with the concrete’s curing process. Remember, concrete waterproof sealers are designed for concrete that has already solidified; the sealer will not work on concrete that is still wet. In fact, if the substance is applied at that state, it could actually make the concrete worse.

In any case, after you have applied your sealer, you should complete the process by taking a few cautionary steps. Install a sump pump to deal with any standing water. You can also use a dehumidifier to maintain a healthier moisture balance within the air. This way, you lessen your chances of developing mold in your basement. And such concerns are important, as sealers cannot prevent bacteria growth. Even with the best variety, undesirable organisms will still find a way to flourish.

In conclusion, if you want the ultimate protection for your basement floor, consider getting a container of concrete waterproof sealer. They are readily available online or at home repair stores. Best of all, their price is very affordable. On average, you will pay between $10 to $25 for a container of sealer. In exchange, you will end up saving thousands, as the sealer would prevent the need to call a professional contractor.

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